one last random before the new year

I'm pretty happy to see it go, 2006 -
and I'll be toasting 2007 with my new friend Mr. Shingleback.


He's lovely and bubbly.

my feet by dan

Here are my feet, drinking with my other new friend Dan, who, now that I think on it, is also lovely - and relatively, um, bubbly. Drinking, drinking, drinking....

Porsche B

I'm thinking that this little girl's parents meant to name her Portia -
and I'm hoping her brother's name isn't Audi.

Look -

K's paper

I wrapped K's gifts with scooter paper.

And just take a look at his horoscopes for December -

K's other horoscope

K's horoscope

Aren't they a kick in the head?
But it's all fine now because the Elephant Goddess Who Sits In Chairs was watching over us.

elephant godess on a chair

Maybe that's a coffee table.
I can't tell.


Isn't this a lovely thing?

It is...

tub boat 2

it is a lovely thing.


Anonymous said…
I found you from Dan's site, and I'm totally enjoying your archives. It's always such fun to find quality writing. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
I agree with Kim! And your images . . .
Anonymous said…
OK. The scooter paper is the cooooolest.

But the boat bathtub? Isn't that kinda like those racecar beds for kids? A boat bathtub? I dunno. I don't think I'm comfortable with faux conveyances in the bathroom. And filling a boat with water? Just confusing.

Shutting up now.
Anonymous said…
I kinda like the boat bath.

I also like the way it sounds when I say it.

boat bath
boat bath
boat bath

Very soothing.
islaygirl said…
i wrote a post about a girl at the Wee One's school who named their daughter Aryan (pronouced ah-rion). I think they just weren't aware of the implications. I noticed on the sign in list that they have changed the spelling to Orion. better, but still bizarre.
BabelBabe said…
Are you wearing KNICKERS?

I crave those shoes.

I dig the boat bath. In the middle of the meadow. Under the cerulean sky. But not necessarily in the bathroom.

There's a girl at Primo's school whose name is Maighread. Very Irish, lalala, but NO ONE can pronounce it and I fear she will never get out of kindy having to write it.
Anonymous said…
I want that bathtub!!!
Anonymous said…
You know that I agree with you on many things, but on the boat bath? I gotta say no.

If you even think of installing it, I'm coming to Tuvalu to talk you down.
Joke said…
1- Love the scooter paper. LOVE, I tell you.

2- I'm not against the boat tub, but I think it'd go mo' bettah in a themed bathroom. I know my kids would never have to be talked into acts of hygiene had we such a thing.

In fact! I know NOS would fill up the tub and run the shower and pretend he's been hit by a Pirate Ship.

3- Alas, I have known someone who named her son "Carrion" which, she vehemently alleged, is the male version of "Carrie."

Anonymous said…
K's horoscope is so right on.
--erica said…
i'm finally home and can see the pictures!