The Scene: bb and her mother are watching Entertainment Tonight.

bb: ack. look at that Mary Hart. what is up with HER?

mom: she's gotta be old...

bb: she can't be that old. how old can she be? I mean she's not as old as Kitty Carlisle Hart.

mom: oh, well, no one's as old as Kitty Carlisle Hart.

bb: (nodding in agreement)except Mrs. Astor!

mom: sure, sure...(together with bb) There's no one in the world older than Mrs. Astor.

bb: god bless her... but what's the going on with THAT BLOUSE?


Anonymous said…
Mary Hart was born in November of 1950 which makes her 56?

Now I have to go google who Mrs.Astor is ;)
Caterina said…
I must admit I had NO IDEA who Kitty Carlisle Hart was, so I googled her. D'oh!
Poppy B. said…
Last September I saw Kitty Carlisle Hart sing at a charity fashion show. The next morning I told my son I saw the woman who sang "Alone" in The Night at the Opera. He found it really hard to believe. I don't blame him!
tut-tut said…
Is Kitty still with us?
Anonymous said…
ET is my total secret, guilty pleasure. Don't watch as often as I used to, but did tune in last night. I had the EXACT same thoughts. The blouse was awful and SO shiny. She is what they call in the industry "a veteran".
Anonymous said…

Mary Hart causes epilepsy.

It's in the New England Journal of Medicine.

ocbp said…
hart and astor were separated at birth...Moss told me before he died
Anonymous said…
I want to live as well, and as long as Kitty Carlisle - and to still be doing cabaret shows at 95? Steer me to her fountain of youth!

As for Mary's shiny, ruffle-y blouse - oh my. Before that appearance I still believed she was no more than 40. Mary... you are looking good.

Joke said…
DAMN YOU POPPY. Now I have that song stuck in my brain.

That just lost you all the ground you had gained, dowry-wise.