like an alzheimer's patient

I forget things all the time.
I forgot all about one of my most favorite movies, Love Actually, until I saw the last hour of it on sunday afternoon.
I LOVE this movie.
It is all that is good and right about the world.
And yet, like an imbecile, I had forgotten it.
Had forgotten that it is very Christmas-sy in nature, and that I adore it.

I had to look it up -
my feeble little brain couldn't remember how many couples there are in the story.

the Prime Minister

Hugh Grant is the Prime Minister.
I have no basis for thinking this, but I think, in this movie, Hugh Grant is just Hugh Grant.
But, never mind...he falls in love with Natalie -


- who is referred to as fat throughout. BUT SHE'S NOT FAT...
She has a wee slip up with Billy Bob Thornton, who plays the President of the United States, who is a jerk, but it all comes out right in the end.

jaw acting

The Keira Knightly School Of Acting With Your Jaw segment of the film is a sweet story of unrequited love.

to me you are perfect

There's the bit with Liam Neeson and the precocious child and the dead mom.
This is the least impressive plot line to me...but it has a cliched and wonderful end, so it's all good.

the Milwaukee story

The running away to Milwaukee to get laid plot line is pure comic relief - and has the very best punch lines...

Which is really good as the Emma Thompson plot is tearing and sad and just heart wrenching.

Emma Thompson

No, no one dies, but there is a small mis-step in their marriage and it sets everything off kilter - perhaps forever. It's beautifully acted by Emma who I always forget liking so so much.

that Mr. Bean guy who I actually don't care much for

That Mr. Bean fellow shows up, and I read that his part was originally written to be an angel and that in his second appearance in the story he would vanish -
thankfully he is only human. And thankfully it is a bit part as I find him annoying.

As I do Laura Linney, who also has a sad story line.
Something about her voice and stringy hair irritate me. (Tolerant, aren't I?)

I tend to forget about the porn star stand-ins too, which is bad because I want to watch the movie with Middle or Youngest and it's just not a good idea...

the porn stand ins

they are cute though.

Things are tied up with the thread of the aging rock star...

The Aging Rocker

and his Christmas single...

By far the sweetest and dearest plot is the story of the writer and Aurelia.

Colin Firth! What could be wrong with watching him fall in love with the plain but wonderful Aurelia? And seeing him leave? And watching realize he can't be without her? And his wonderful proposal?!

offering his hands in marriage

And it all ends, mostly well, at THE AIRPORT.
You all know how I feel about airports...

It's just the best movie, fun and funny and sad -
and, I forget about it all year long and have the pleasure of rediscovering little bits of it each Christmas like a big box of ornaments, each with it's own story...


Sharon said…
I adore this movie, and actually teared up a little bit just reading your post.
Anonymous said…
I can not remember if I have seen this movie or not. Even with all the pics to remind me. Hmmm.
Paula said…
I can't watch that movie without wanting slap the husband and slut.

But yes, it all thankfully works out in the end.
Anonymous said…
OK, yeah, he's the bad guy in this one. But how could you not put up a picture of the yummy-voiced Alan Rickman!?

--erica said…
Yes, I could do without the R rating but adore this movie.

a d o r e it.
Keetha said…
Me too, me too, me too! I love this movie. It's one of my favorites. The two porn actors are adorable. And I like Laura Linney although I wanted to yell at her in this movie. Hey, what about Liam Neeson's stepson and his little girlfriend? Couple No. 9!
I caught this on TV last weekend and like you, had forgotten just how much I like it. So I love this post.
Anonymous said…
I recommend this to everyone!

Liam's son is heart. And my favorite characters are Natalie and Cate's character - she absolutely nails her, as is her way, of course.

For a split second, when I was planning my wedding, I wanted to do the "All you Need is Love" thing around the church, but then got real.
Badger said…
I'm pretty sure I saw this but I was just in it for the Rickman and the Nighy.
Anonymous said…
Oh lordy I had forgotten about this movie, too.
Which I LOVE.
I do believe I will go buy the darn thing today. So we can watch it while the
over Christmas Holidays.

The family?
Is starting to dubbs guest rooms. And Big Tub usage hours. I am cooking and freezing stuff now. Today? Green chile.

Not that you asked or anything, I'm just thinking aloud...
Lauri said…
I have actually avoided this movie because of Hugh Grant...I just cannot stand him. But now that I've read your review, I think I'll have to check it out.
Anonymous said…
This may be my favorite movie of all time. Ditto about the porn stars. I always have to remember that and fast forward (which in and of itself is pretty funny when you think of those scenes).

Just love it - and I have the soundtrack.
Anonymous said…
not seen this yet since it really is a chick flick BUT i usually do enjoy them if i give em a chance(& then get all teary eyed, damnit). i gotta put up some resistance & try to be a manly man ya know, lmao! pathetic, i know!

have you seen "sidewalks of new york"? it's a little sleeper of a movie directed by & starring edward burns w/ rosario dawson, heather graham, brittany murphy & david krumholtz. i highly recommend it & other than the language it's fairly clean(not much nudity that i can recall). probably not as romantic as "love, actually" but closer to reality. very well acted, directed & photographed.
Anonymous said…
I love this movie too! And I saw it on Sunday too! I saw it in the theater by myself about one week before my son was born. Awwww...
Anonymous said…
this is my favorite movie ever!

I knew there was a reason I liked you ;)
Anonymous said…
Oh how I love that movie! I have had it on my Wish List for a few years now and obviously no one is getting the hint. Perhaps I must purchase it for myself.

A good girlie cry Christmas theme triumverate for me, the Anglophile would be Love Actually, Bridget Jones, the 1st film and then Sliding Doors, not of course for Gwyneth but for my beloved John Hannah.
BabelBabe said…
I ADORE this movie and it is one of my top three EVER - and I love love LOVE Colin Firth. I want to marry him. Except, well, I am already married, and so is he...but those are small details.
Anonymous said…
me too :)
KPB said…
Oh my, I LOVE this movie. In fact, Killer and Muzbot were over for dinner a few weeks back and we discovered that Killer, me and Judo all loved Love Actually and made Chef and Muz sit through it.

About the Boy is another movie I forget I like.
Anonymous said…
After I read this post I requested the movie from the library and watched it last night. I loved it, every single bit. It turns out that Hugh Grant reminds me of my boss's boss's boss (who is not a prime minister, but rather a Partner In Charge), which amused me to no end.