know your IG blood tests, a medical update

As part of the diagnostic work that our new pulmonary specialist is doing on Youngest, she has ordered lots and lots of blood tests. So many tests, in fact, that the lab called to tell us that they needed more blood. So many that the technician told me to get Youngest some fluids as his 'volume had been reduced.'
His IgG came back very low.
His IgE came back very high.
And so the doctor asked to see the subclasses. And while we wait for the subclass tests to come back I, of course, consulted the internet.
This is what I found:

Immunoglobulins (Ig) are antibodies. There are five major classes of antibodies: IgG, IgM, IgA, IgD, and IgE.

  • IgG is the most abundant of the classes of immunoglobulins. It is the antibody for viruses, bacteria, and antitoxins. It is found in most tissues and plasma.
  • IgM is the first antibody present in an immune response.
  • IgA is an early antibody for bacteria and viruses. It is found in saliva, tears, and all other mucous secretions.
  • IgD activity is not well understood.
  • IgE is present in the respiratory secretions. It is an antibody for parasitic diseases, Hodgkin's disease, hay fever, atopic dermatitis, and allergic asthma).

Now, don't worry your pretty little heads. I know he doesn't have Hodgkin's or dermatitis or parasites.
The boldface is theirs, not mine.
He is most likely "a healthy child with serious chronic asthma" (as per the pulmonary specialist).
What I LOVE is the line about IgD.
What's up with that?


While we wait to find out what that all boils down to, I've spent a few days making phone calls to arrange for his bi-annual MRI.
He was born with a very fine facial paralysis, our Youngest, and it has deteriorated slightly.
Because I brought it to the attention of the pediatric neurologist who sees him once a year, she wants an MRI.
The phone calls take longer than the test itself, but it's scheduled.

He's skateboarding in the dining room right now, so don't bother fretting over it.
I'm not concerned either.
The MRI day is no walk in the park but he and I know how to get through it.

We've spent the last few days sleeping late (8:15) and wearing our pajamas until we are forced to put on clothing by the arrival of the plumber.
Or the ottoman.

Tomorrow we're having hot chocolate.
Raise the flag.


Anonymous said…
I won't worry if you're not worried. I canceled an MRI today but you can sign me up for the hot chocolate.
Anonymous said…
Oy. Poor Youngest. I'd make that hot chocolate a double.
Anonymous said…
I had no idea you and he, especially, were going through all of this. I don't know what to say, except prayers are being offered . . .
Badger said…
This is reminding me of when I had my neurotransmitters tested. Dopamine, epinephrine, serotonin -- what do it all MEAN? Especially when they say my norepinephrine is the highest they've ever seen? Is that good? Bad? Do I win a prize? What?!


Best wishes to Youngest. I hope they're done sticking him with needles for a while, and that the MRI is okay, and that this is all just some weird growth-spurty thing that'll pass when he grows into his feet or whatever.
Elan Morgan said…
You are giving me heart attacks, but then you are also reassuring. Thank you. I wish you guys all the best with the testing and whatnot.
--erica said…
hugs to you guys.

put your feet up on THE ottoman all day..and snuggle.
will he do that?
islaygirl said…
i know you are an iceberg of calm, bb, but my thots are still with you. and the china closet in the dining room, if you have one.
Anonymous said…
Is he allowed to be skateboarding in the house? hehe

Will keep him in my thoughts.
BabelBabe said…
hey, dear, you know i am thinking of you and your boys often. thank god youngest has you as a mom, to keep him calm and happy.

i enjoyed the vision of the ottoman arriving under its own power, much as the plumber did. heehee. i clearly did not sleep enough.
Anonymous said…
you are the very picture of calm, so reassuring for Youngest.

MRIs and enough blood tests he should be on an orange juice IV? cripes.

My thoughts are with you guys...
Anonymous said…
Wow! Everyone's going to the ER and getting tested and stuff. Hope by now Youngest is feeling better.

Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
Your a good mom. Such a good mom. I'm sure he'll be fine, eventually. Just some stuff to work through, and with you at his side, how can he lose?
Anonymous said…
My almost youngest, eliza, has IgE antibodies 1000x normal. Pretty darn common for allergic/asthmatic kids.

Do not fret.

Enjoy some chicken stew.