gifts from Japan

We were thrilled to see this package arrive.


How can I explain it?
Even the tape that my friend, C, uses to close the box is good looking.
And the stamps!


And the newspaper padding!


The gifts inside were so so lovely -

exquisite candles for me -
and not one but two magazines.


real simple

I love Kun:el magazine and C was kind enough to enclose a copy of the Japanese Real Simple, which, somehow, is better in Japanese.

Youngest received cards and stickers and a folder of our favorite Kogepan character.



C and Little A also sent a tiny plant pot with Totoro in it, watching over some parsley seeds.



But then - real treasure...
a gorgeous Muji set of Tokyo.


Youngest has spent a great deal of time setting it up and looking at it.

muji good

The perfect gift for him.

jeero in tokyo

We LOVE getting presents from Japan...


Anonymous said…
How beautiful indeed! C must be a special friend. We all love Totoro around here, but we wish we had the Japanese version on DVD or tape.
Anonymous said…
How so wonderful and cool! Perhaps if packages are coming from Japan they are going TO as well (a friend is waiting for hers to get to Okinawa)
What fun gifts, The packaging too!!
joyce said…
what great gifts!
Anonymous said…
Oh that muji set is so cool! I've never seen or heard of such a thing, I now must google. GORGEOUS!