wine review number I don't know

You know what's nice sometimes?
A little Prosecco -

proseco better

Or, if your husband doesn't drink it, A LOT OF PROSECCO.
Bubbly and cool and refreshing and nice.
Did I say nice already?

And this bottle has string.
You know how I love string.

And you could have some of this with it...


aren't we international?


Anonymous said…
kilowatthour said…
so it was good, the prosecco?
Caterina said…
I love the red in that first pic from the tomatoes, actually all the colors.

Nice, nice. Very nice ;)

That wine & cheese is making me salivate.
Badger said…
Cheese fondue! Holy crap! I LOVE cheese fondue.

Dammit. Now I have to climb up in the loft and find my fondue pot.
tut-tut said…
itsn't it great fondue is back in? I found the little heater things at bed bath and beyond in a major display, blocking the aisle!!

your provencal tablecloth is rather nice, too.
Joke said…
See what ya done? You've gotten all the fondue potheads started.

Anonymous said…
fondue savoyarde is one of my favorite food EVER.
Anonymous said…
Oh Dear God. All that cheese.
Anonymous said… you're talking my language.
Took good note to self: husband doesn't like Prosecco.
Anonymous said…
Ooh, I love those labels that look like they're hand-written.
The fondue looks absolutely's making me hungry, and making me think I should go out and buy a fondue set.

Yes, I'm one of your many lurkers. Love your blog.
Provencal cloth to boot!! I am coming over, I'll bring Chocolate!