Remember how beautiful these were?
A couple of people wondered if I could post photos of women who would stir our souls.
And so I began researching and looking for pictures of beautiful women.
They would need to be performers, I decided, as the men in the previous assortment were -
and over 50, I was thinking.
I guess I shouldn't have been surprised with what I discovered. But I was. A little.
There are dozens of interesting older male faces on the internet. But women?
Not so many.
So many times I'd think of a woman, track down some photos and realize that she had kind of a taut look. Sort of a too-smooth facial look - you know what I mean.
Just think Barbara Walters...Barbara Streisand...Joan Rivers.
I wanted the Clint Eastwood of women.
Sometimes I'd think of a woman that I knew had not surgically altered her face only to discover that her photographs had all been photoshopped smooth.

But my persistance paid off -
and I found some beautiful women.


Sure Angelica looks a little smooth here - but I just know that she's a bit craggy and wrinkly in real life. Smokers aren't smooth.
But damned if I could find a wrinkly picture of her.



is Annie Liebowitz.
Photographer of stars.


I don't know how old she is.
I just love the way she looks.


Charlotte Rampling.
Also more wrinkled than this, I'm guessing.
Great face.


Helen Mirren.
Proving that we all look better in black and white.

joann and paul

Paul and Joanne.
Sorry. I snuck a guy in.


Dame Judi.


Pity she does the V.O. for cat food commercials, but I'm sure she has a staff to pay.
I think she may have had work done too.


Lynn Redgrave. Somehow even more beautiful ravaged by illness.


Miss Maya Angelou.
With her perfect, priceless face.


Who must be in her 50's, right?
And I don't think she's had any work done - do you?
Not that she dresses well - though I believe it may be difficult to not be tiny and skinny and over 50 in Hollywood - I like the way she looks.


A beauty.
Vanessa Redgrave.

There you are.

Beautiful women for wednesday.


KPB said…
wow.they are truly remarkable. For some reason I keep coming back to Annie Liebowitz. I love Dame Judi, Helen Mirren is stunning, but there's something captured in those shots of "annie".
BabelBabe said…
how about isabella? I do not think she's had work done...she's 54.

I think Candice Bergen looks fab, but I also think she's had work.

And I know you are going to think I am insane, but I adore Tyne Daly. She looks so real, yet comforting and lovely and wise. Not to mention her skin is enviably gorgeous. (The eyebrows are unfortunate, I admit.)

I know there are more, there must be. But thank you for this lovely post. I love the Vanessa Redgrave pic - she is stunning. If i look half that good, I will be happy : )
Anonymous said…
I agree about Tyne Daly. I think she is beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful start to my morning - thank you.

Unrelated news - my daughter did go as a louse last night - pix on my site.

Anonymous said…
So inspiration!
Anonymous said…
Equally inspiring faces. My screensaver is 'people who inspire me' and I have a photo of annie liebovitz as well. Beautiful in her supremely comfident and talented way, and amazing behind the camera. a clear inspiration.

Anonymous said…
That was awesome! Thanks for doing all that work. I'll have to bookmark this post for future reference.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful Wednesday post!
I adore Helen Mirren. And I'm pretty sure Meryl is well into her 50s. Just sayin'.
Badger said…
I decided long ago that I wanted to be Dame Judi when I grew up. I'll let you know if that ever happens.
Amy A. said…
Gives one hope, does it not?
Anonymous said…
Thank You!
--erica said…
very happy wednesday indeed!
blackbird said…
My SIL adds -
Grace Paley
Jane Goodall
Nikki Giovanni
Toni Morrison...

more beautiful faces.
Anonymous said…
I love faces with character--wrinkles and furrows. These women are living examples of how we all should view aging.

It can be so very beautiful when it's done well.
Anonymous said…
I love *real* faces. What a lot of sleuthing, to find and post all those. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
It may sound weird, but I like Anjela Lansbury.


...and Now:

another now:
Anonymous said…
Dame Judi is stunning. I also think Julie Walters is another very attractive women.
islaygirl said…
i adore your selections. i think blythe danner is another one whose aging gracefully.
Lynne@Oberon said…
I love Vanessa Redgrave, and when you hear her speak she becomes even more beautiful!!
And my Dad has a major crush on Judi Dench .. to him she is the perfect looking woman, apart from my Mum :)
I would also like to add to the list Francesca Annis, Ralph Fiennes ex-girlfriend - she's gorgeous and completely untouched!

This is a great post.
Joke said…
What? No Maggie Smith?

Anonymous said…
Diane Keaton. She wears self-deprecation very well.
Anonymous said…
I was going to add Diane Keaton, Maggie Smith and Susan Sarandon.

- Suse
Well, this is wonderful to see, a great reminder, especially for someone with an upcoming birthday getting real cozy with 50.
Jennifer said…
I too was thinking Diane Keaton would be on this list :)
Lauri said…
Ha-ha! I was just coming in here to ask where Diane Keaton was! I have admired her since I was a little girl...and I don't know how I even knew who she was.
lazy cow said…
Great group of women. I especially like Helen Mirren and Judi Dench. I do NOT like seeing Joanne and Paul (especially Paul) looking so old though.
Anonymous said…
Joanne and Paul may look old, but they also look very happy. That counts for a lot. I have always liked Helen Mirren so it was a treat to see her face. And every other one you posted. Thank you (from someone closer to 60 than 50) for the images. Beautiful, as you said.
Susan Sarandon