updates on several fronts

I had my eyebrows waxed yesterday.
And the thing is: they put aloe on them, afterwards, and I forgot about it and about five hours later I had to rub my eyes, for one reason or another, and...it was just bad.

We went to look at the chairs again.
You remember the chairs, right?

k thinking about THE CHAIRS

 bb chairs

We just can't commit.
If K takes off friday we will look at one other place.
But then we just have to bite the bullet and order THE DAMN CHAIRS.

The string around my wrist is filthy.
I can bleach it or cut it off and burn it but I need to consult with a buddhist.

We discovered something the other day, while K was home from work and we were alone, having looked at the chairs again.
We were having lunch, and we discovered that:
lunch for me is a cup of tea and some bread and butter and jam,
lunch for K is cheese and sausage and wine...
cheese and bread
homemade tourstenwurst and homemade landjaeger taste the same, but one is a rectangle.
two sausages

The weather here is somewhat retarded.
I had thought I was having allergy symptoms - a scratchy throat, sneezing, watery eyes...but then I realized that I was achy and my chest was kind of tight, and LO, I realized I was getting sick.
I did three doses of oscillococcinum and I'm feeling much better.
Let that be a lesson to you all.

Back to the CHAIRS.


My knitting grows and grows.
A big green rectangle it is - which might look nice with some fingerless gloves, if the aforementioned weather ever cooperates.

Do you feel Christmas sneaking behind us on tiptoes?
Yes, you do. And so do I.


Amy A. said…
Have you tried the tide stick on your string?

My daughter has one left from summer and it is barely hanging by a thread. I want to yank the fuzzy thing off, but we will wait. It's a friendship string, not a buddhist thing. So yanking is probably allowed.

Can't wait to see a photo of your wrap. Sounds cozy.
Anonymous said…
those are damn fine chairs and quite the exquisite lunch as well... you life-artist, you.
--erica said…
Can you curl up and knit in those chairs?
Priscilla said…
I most certainly do feel Christmas and it's stressing me out. Stressed I tell you.
Anonymous said…
I can't even think about Christmas right now. I had a heart attack when I realized that Thanksgiving was next week.
Anonymous said…
Sorry, the last comment attempt didn't let me leave my name.

BabelBabe said…
the chairs are pretty, but not curl-uppable, are they? I think you need curl-uppable chairs.
Anonymous said…
I don't know how I missed the string entry, but I have that poem right in front of me right now - I saw it about six months ago and loved it, so typed it out, printed, and taped it to the front of my monitor stand to remind me on a daily basis to work toward being an 'artist of being alive.'

Very, very cool.
tut-tut said…
That sausage looks pretty good. Is that what you were making the other weekend? Would pair pretty well with that bread recipe . . .
tut-tut said…
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Deb said…
Buy the chairs... they look like darn good chairs to have a glass of wine in!
Anonymous said…
Fraulein bb--You eat like the Germans. Brot, Kase und Wurst mit Wein. Das schmeckt sehr gut! Nicht wahr?
Anonymous said…
I love the chairs! This is my first visit to your blog. Where are the chairs going to be used? Ask if the leather is dyed all the way through the hide. Then when they wear it doesn't show natural hide.
Colorsonmymind said…
Yummy post-yum yum yummy!

I do feel xmas sneaking up on it's tip toes...

Lovely lunches-I could do either.

Love the list of things you don't do over there.
KPB said…
BB - it's not sneaking up on us, it's 39 days away.
And you have to bleach the string because that quote? It made my heart hurt...
Suse said…
The green wrap sounds like it will go fabulously with chocolate brown fingerless gloves if the weather and the postal system cooperate. Probably even with that black pashmina you're wearing in that chair shot.
Anonymous said…
Same here.

No chairs yet.

Wanted leather: kids say they are not loungeable enough - that's our criteria: "loungeable".
Lynne@Oberon said…
Get the chairs! The chairs are wonderful and wonderful things are life-enhancing :)
Anonymous said…
so you gave up on my beloved chairs from Anthropologie? I loved THAT. But these are really fine too, I admit.
Salsiccia piccante, formaggio e vino. One of our favourites for dinner here...but good wine, no red trucks which makes you talk too much, if you knwo what I mean...