tiny people

When I started to put this post together I couldn't help but think of that Who Would You Give A Volvo To commercial. The one with the dad buckling the chatty girl into the car? She's talking about tiny people.


See? Here she is saying: ... I don't know what they are but his head is so tiny...
That little girl is completely my next-door neighbor. You remember her don't you?

So, I keep thinking of that little girl talking about the teeny people when I look at these pictures...which I took at a station the other day while I was out with K.

We hopped off a train and were surprised to see these:
(I apologize for the quality of the photos, it was dark and filthy so there was no way I was going to scrunch down on the floor.)


Two tinies sawing the posts for the stairway.

reading a book

Look, I don't know WHAT is going on here.


12 inch tall policewoman.


I wish I could have found a title for this one...it's also only about a foot high.



I like they way they have worn -
just to the right of this one (in an even darker spot) was a beam with a loudspeaker at the top of it and the speaker part had a giant tongue hanging out of it and a big ear at the bottom...funny, now that I am describing these I sound like that little girl.


This little dude was standing guard over a big bag of money.


aligators in the sewer

There you go.
Teeny people and I don't know WHAT they are.

But I do know what this is:

rider of shame

Yes - we are giving awards to the WORST commuters in railroad history, and this is this week's winner.
Behold her side of the cell phone conversation (delivered at very high volume)

WHAT? Oh, no, we aren't available for dinner then. We'll be in Jackson Hole. That weekend, no...no...Sarasota, visiting the kids. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well we always spend Christmas in Europe so...No. No. No. No. No, we aren't available, WHAT? NO. JACK'S HAVING A COLONOSCOPY THAT DAY. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

K chooses riders of shame all the time. He wants to start a blog called The Daily Commuter just to relate the horror story of the day...


sara said…
I loved all the pics of the Little People and good on ya for outing the shameful commuter.

Nobody wants to hear about a stranger's colonoscopy plans.

Although I frequently have to hear the guy who sits near me at work talk loudly on the telephone about his vasectomy...*shudder*
Badger said…
Y'all should totally start that blog. I'd read it.

Those teenies kind of look like Monopoly people, don't they? Like the guy who wears the top hat? With the really round head? The boy is getting the new Monopoly Here & Now game for Xmas.

Oh, and my dad and I talk all the time about how that little girl? In the commercial? Who won't stop talking ever? Is MY DAUGHTER.
Sharon said…
BB- this was in the Austin American-Statesman this past week. It's about that little girl, and how they got her talking non-stop like that.

Sharon said…
Whoops. That didn't come all the way thru. Enlarge your screen display and the whole address shows up.
Anonymous said…
Those tiny people are incredible! I would love to know more about them. I love public art in unexpected places.
Anonymous said…
The art is by Tom Otterness, and is called "Life Underground". More info here:


Lovely pictures, BTW.

Anonymous said…
Ooh, you have those figures in Tuvalu? I seen some just like them in New York!!!

They are delightful.
--erica said…
Don't the cell phoners realize that suddenly they've involved the entire train in their lives.. and now the internet.
Anonymous said…
I can't help but wonder how people don't trip over these things?

They are cute though. and the one with the one little person sitting on top of the other one reading... Surely there was a chase and he got caught and the person on top is now reading him 1000 reasons why not to run away from him ;)
Anonymous said…
I LOVE that commercial with the father and daughter. My husband laughs out loud when he sees it as it is so similar to our Ella. We have both had to close the door on her several times and it was so sweet to see someone else doing that also - he really wins a prize, though, as he continues to keep eye contact with her!

Have a great Thanksgiving bb - can't wait to hear/see your menu.
Anonymous said…
Hey I have a shirt like that!

We spend Christmas in Europe, too.

Oh, and my husband Jack... hey, wait a minute...
Anonymous said…
There is another installation of Otterness sculpture down in Rockefeller Park near Battery Park City. See pictures here: http://www.tomostudio.com/exhibitions_bpc.html. And I remember one year when there were HUGE sculptures of his all along Broadway. That was seriously cool.
Anonymous said…
I would totally read a Bad Commuters blog. Happy Thanksgiving!
Anonymous said…
Oh, I always spend Christmas in Australia. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And colonoscopies? Oh, yeah. Every week.
Bec said…
I love those little people and will be straight off now to check both the Otterness and the volvo girl links.

as for the commuter blog - do it! There is one called something like 'heard in New York' isn't there? I remember seeing some very funny transcripts there... but the blogosphere surely has space for more!

(oh, yes, I always spend Christmas in Australia too, dahlings)
Anonymous said…
Jack's having a colonoscopy that day. Yeah.

woof nanny said…
I love the sawing people, but somehow they remind me of Twilight Zone and are creepy.
L. said…
Is there an antibacterial gel dispenser near those castings?

Cuz thats the only way I'd touch them -eww