things to be aware of during a monsoon

  • A length of Talk Box tubing is perfect for syphoning as it is transparent.
  • One of those door stops, which your husband never installed, makes a perfect stopper for the aforementioned Talk Box tubing with which you are syphoning.
  • As per 'Jason' at FloTec products, the FloTec Intellipump CANNOT BE PLUGGED INTO AN EXTENSION CORD. Ever.
  • Remember to use the shopvac to start the syphon.


Paula said…
Um...trouble in River City?
Anonymous said…
Reminds me of a scene from Young Frankenstein "Well, it could be worse, it could be raining... " *CRASH BOOM -- POURING RAIN*
Anonymous said… thoughts are with you.
Jess said…
You're having a monsoon, too? The water here has receded enough for me to walk directly from my front door to my car. As my friend said, time to get out a sari and start dancing.
--erica said…
oh dear