things that we just don't do over here, not that there's anything wrong with them

  • Granola bars
  • Scrapbooks
  • Zinfandel
  • Camping
  • Soccer
  • Scouts
  • Lands End
  • Pictionary
  • Mini vans
  • Cats
  • Musical theater
  • Flan
  • Bird feeders
  • Tennis
  • Camouflage clothing
  • The Amazing Race
  • Country music
  • Tailgating
  • Attachment parenting
  • Dancing With The Stars
Inspired by Badger...


Anonymous said…
camouflage occurs there. perhaps not by adults....but it occurs.

and speaking of camping, I saw the perfect tent for you.

Joke said…
No flan?


Anonymous said…
White Zinfandel I understand, but not Red Zinfandel?

Badger said…
Okay but I am CONVINCED that you would LOVE The Amazing Race if you just gave it a chance. It has challenges and stuff like Survivor but in foreign countries! Where they actually interact with the locals, and not in some fake feast/party thing, either! And the alliances are just as stupid!

Which is to say, I love that damn show.
Anonymous said…
What? No flan? And the Amazing Race is awesome! If you like Survivor, you'll like TAR. Listen to Badger, she knows of what she speaks.
Anonymous said…
What? No flan? And listen to Badger. TAR is awesome. You'd love it.
--erica said…
I rue the day we purchased the boys camo pants.
Anonymous said…
Only one thing on your list surprises me: I had you pegged for a flan lover. No? Suddenly I see you in a whole new light...

The rest of this list I could've written for you.
Anonymous said…
you're right about the zinfandel.

and most other things, too.
Anonymous said…

My phrase of the day will now be "rue the day".

I don't use that one enough.

- j.
Suse said…
I have seen camo pants on one of your boys in your archives somewhere ...I'm sure of it.

Truly shocked about the flan.

PS. Isn't attachment parenting cuddling your children when they need you, kissing them when they cry, breastfeeding them if you can and in short, doing what most people do when they have a child? I think you do that ...
Anonymous said…
Well, this is where our lives go on the fork in the road.

I do:

minivans - by necessity, not choice
granola bars
camouflage clothing
attachment parenting - a mistake, i want my bed back

The rest are forbidden in my world.
Anonymous said…
Lands' End ships internationally.
Anonymous said…
What the heck is flan?

And yeah.. I don't like cats either..
Anonymous said…
FLAN? You don't do FLAN?
kilowatthour said…
i'm off to enjoy some flan with a lovely glass of zinfandel.
Anonymous said…
Goodness, why not attachment parenting?? What's wrong with treating children with respect, showing lots of open affection and preferring reasoning and good boundaries to physical discipline??
Cats, on the other hand.....
blackbird said…
goodness me!
I SAID there was nothing wrong with attachment parenting, I just didn't DO it.
Deb said…
ok.. I can agree with everything except the Zin!! Goes great with turkey :0)
sara said…
There are a lot of things on your list that we don't do over here, either. Ex.) Nascar, country music, and tailgating.

We DO, however, do cats, granola bars, and bird feeders. Oh, and I have a pair of camo shorts that I love.

As the header says, say la vee...
Anonymous said…
I'm with you on everything but the Lands End and the mini-van, although my spouse does indulge in tailgating. Yargh.