there are no words

Maybe there are.



Assembled in our shoes. (I recently attended a party at which the hostess was barefoot. You can't see me, but I'm rolling my eyes.)


Part of the crowd insisted on assembling, in their shoes, in the kitchen.


But we all knew who was in charge...


Look how helpful Oldest is!

dipping bread in gravy

AHA. Helpful with a motive. He had been offered a cup of gravy to sample with the bread.


Meanwhile, in the living room, Middle and I were experimenting with the camera -
now I know that you can't see what we were going for, but it was sort of a flat action shot.
See? I'm running.


Running. In black and white.
We are so creative.


Posing. We did a lot of posing photos -

The bird was ready...


And it was time to press the new son-in-law into service. (I think I remember my Uncle asking K to carve once.)




no leftovers...


Anonymous said…
While I am SO with you on the "don't show me your toes" thing, I will confess that I ended the evening yesterday with bare feet. Those pointy shoes were killing me.
L. said…
I have cute feet, but I only show them at pool parties, or on yachts - unfortunately, I don't get to hang on yachts much at all.
Bec said…
thanks for sharing. Even though it's 30+degrees here today (err, centigrade) I am now drooling for a hot turkey dinner.

I liked the running shots very much. But you're right, the first one actually looks like a crime scene!!
Anonymous said…

and, for a second I thought it was a picture of my foot (navy blue converse shoes!)!!!!
KPB said…
Hmmm, am feeling kinda all wrong, because my first thought was "ooo, who's the hottie in the stripey shirt?" ... to only discover a few lines down that it's your son.
Love the crime scene shot - it sort of plays to my humour to think of it as such.
We did Thanksgiving today with our American friends. I did the ham, a pecan pie, a custard tart and made proper gravy for the turkey, which everyone seemed unreasonably impressed by.
It was divine, although as I sweated profusely over the hot stove stirring the gravy, it didn't all seem like such a great idea.
Anonymous said…
Me too, I have to admit my crime...I was sizing up the hottie too...when...ooops! It's Oldest!!! Shame on me!
Anonymous said…
That looks so yummy and fun and lovely.

Happy Thanksgiving.