Stuffed to the gills with the most remarkable food -
swimming in wine,
with faces sore from smiling,
we reclined as much as possible (to avoid indigestion) and prepared for the big merge episode.
I knew ahead of time that it was the bme because our television has a feature wherein the viewer can look up an upcoming television program and a description of it, and, this week, it read:
the tribes merge.

It's day 25 and Jonathan feels like he is in a position of power.
Nate doesn't like being ordered around - and to illustrate this he throws a lot of jargon around, ayight homey? (clearly I've been reading a lot of Lil' Bird)

Yul doesn't feel well.
Wait! Yul doesn't feel well?

The tribes are called together and we think there will be a challenge - but it is, of course, the merge.
They feast on a boat and travel to Raro's beach where they will be known as iTunesarrorro -
or something. It doesn't matter because we will still know who is an iTunes and who is a Raro.
Maybe not me, specifically, but some people will.

There is much aligning. Maneuvering. Manipulating.
It is the core of the episode.
Yul tries to flip Jonathan but Jonathan has flipped more often than a...a...a...a flapjack on a hot griddle, which I think should only be flipped once, but that's all I've got.

Yul, Ozzy and some women are conspiring, and I think to myself, they are an awfully nice bunch of kids...
(Sidenote: my siser in law had to remind me, the other day, that I am not 50 YET. I've been assuming I am OLD. Must stop that.)

Time for the first individual challenge.
It's referred to as hanging from poles - but I think it would be more accurate to describe as wrapping your body around a notched utility pole that has some rope wound around it at certain intervals.
It is long and grueling and Ozzy and Candice stick it out for well over two hours until Ozzy finally wins.

And then the tribe turns itself inside out mentally to determine who should go home.
Some people want it to be Yul - but he has the idol and would be immune -
but people don't know that...
but he hints about it to Jonathan..
but Jonathan can't switch his alliance because he's "a bastard."
Jonathan wants it to be Nate -
Adam and Candice are getting smoochy...
Nate's crowd say they are voting Yul and Jonathan tries to dissuade them -

are you getting all this?
it was very complicated and I needed an Alka Seltzer.

Jonathan does a lot of talking - and, surprisingly, because I really didn't give a crappe about him before, he started to grow on me.
I think I identified with him feeling like no matter what he did, he'd be screwed.
I give him a lot of credit for not blowing Yul's cover and letting the vote play out.

And so Nate goes to the jury.
And he knows it was Jonathan who hung him out to dry,
and, in an emotional and erudite farewell speech -
he tells Jonathan to kiss his ass.

And, I have to say, it was emotional and stressful, and intense.
maybe it was just me.


Badger said…
This episode was AWESOME. There is no way Alan Alda is winning the mil now, though. Because he has screwed EVERYONE. But not in the fun way.

I am now hoping for a Yul/Ozzy F2 and I would be happy with either of them winning.

Everyone else kind of sucks.

(Except Sundra and Becky but they are boring.)
--erica said…
Ditto what Badger just said.

and add that I'm sick of the "kids"..

Did adam snuggle BOTH girls? cause I swore I saw him with Poverty. (not her real name)
Anonymous said…
Alan Alda LOL! :)

I think he'll survive the next 2 votes because Yul/Ozzie will be the target of Adam/Candice/Parvarti. And surely Yul/Ozzie want to get rid of Adam next.
L. said…
I needed a diagram to follow the last episode, but I wasnt too stupid to realize that Alan Alda is soooo f'd
Anonymous said…
I agree!
itunes is so great! and no other tribe has banded together and overcome the odds like they have. yes, Becky is boring, but I think she is smart and when she and Yul work together they become the strength of the team strategy. plus Ozzy is one of the best physical competitors they have ever had. And he is so HUMBLE. I agree, I want Yul or Ozzy to win! But... Yul would NOT take O to final 2. He was right on with the comment to J about him being the best #2; I don't know that anyone has thought about that so early. It will be interesting to see what Becky, Sandra and Ozzy do when they realize Yul's strategy.They could bond together and vote Yul off. I'll stop now...