My mom brought over some chicken soup and we waited for the wind to start howling.
After we ate and took our positions we were a bit early. And so, we decided to catch up on celebrity comings and goings.
done with that.

As for Survivor - we have our first jury member. And I suppose it is a testimony to his work ethic that he looked pretty much the same cleaned up as he did at camp.
iTunes have only four members but they are tight and working with a group effort rarely seen.

Raro, meantime, is stuck with Candice and Jonathan.
Now Candice has decided to get sexy with Adam - and Jonathan has decided to do a lot of fishing.

Time for a commercial and I tell mom that K pointed out to me a few weeks ago that there are a lot of commercials right now with people with fake heavy accents. He did. He told me this BEFORE the Borat movie opened and now it is just underscored. He is brilliant. The commercials: not so much.

It's time for a challenge, and IT'S A NAUTICAL FLAG CHALLENGE -
everyone was hushed (in the living room) as it was pointed out how I love navy signal flags.
The teams must dig up chests according to compass coordinates and then solve a signal flag code.
It was harder than it looked, I think, and iTunes won.
The reward was a flight to a neighboring island for a feast.
Candice gets sent (for the third time since she mutinied, to Exile Island).

The feast was dramatic and interesting with chanting and dancing and warm welcomes from the clan who feasted the players -
meanwhile Candice cried and put on a good face on the island...
back at her camp, Jonathan is still fishing (and hanging his catch at his crotch, WTF) and the team is debating the value of certain players.

The immunity challenge concerns the knowledge of island geography, and I'm pleased as it seemed all the challenges before this were starting to meld into one, in my head. It was all swim and puzzle...but these last two challenges are different.
The losers receive a message in a bottle to bring with them to tribal council.
As predicted by her team Rebecca does not do especially well during the challenge - and this leads us to believe that they will vote her off.
Raro just doesn't ever get it together, they seem to be depleted of energy or enthusiasm and it is on Jonathan who is yelling at the sidelines who can muster any kind of spirit.

iTunes wins - it is their fourth straight victory -
Raro do vote Rebecca off - and she is as lackluster in her departure as she was all these weeks.
And the note in the bottle says that a second member must be evicted.
Jenny goes - she was bossy anyway, and now I won't have worry about getting her name wrong anymore.


Joke said…
Anonymous said…
i couldn't remember jenny's name either, she was "the mad looking one".
did she or did she not always look angry?
Anonymous said…
Have you got ANY idea of what's going on here about this stupid wedding???? They are turning Roma and surroundings upside down and the TV is CONSTANTLY talking about anyone cares...AND they had the nerve to go get married with Scientology just a few hops across form the Vatican!
Come on!
Badger said…
I am kind of loving iTunes. They're like the little engine that could. And of course, Yul is still hott.