It's been a very long week here in Tuvalu.
And all's well that ends well.
Yesterday I took my mom for her cataract surgery. Just as it got to be a little lengthy, just as my mind started to wonder what might have gone wrong, just as I had a minute to be afraid of her looking unwell, they came to get me to see her.
And she looked pretty damn good!
And the things she was afraid of did not come to pass - and we talked and talked and I got her a cheeseburger.
Last night, Youngest wanted a haircut. I was so worried he'd want it all cut off - panicked that he'd look older and his silky locks would be gone -
but no! he just want a professional haircut, thinned and layered...he still looks like my boy.
And K has taken today and monday off.
And we are having dinner with friends tomorrow.
So - woot! Woot for the dinner out and the time off.
And our little ship came it!
And we are going to bake bread!

oh - it's all too much.

Last night, however, I was really in no mood to watch Survivor.
I did though. And I took some notes -

Flicka had gone home and it is very obvious that Jonathan is calling the shots.
And HE says that Ozzy will be the next to go.
It's day 19, and Candice and Alan Alda are tight - well Alan Alda (Jonathan) thinks he's tight with Candice, but she's not so sure he's trustworthy.
And do you know what Jonathan said? I heard him say: I think we should go for four caucasians in the final four. I did. I heard him say it.
And so Candice? decided Jonathan should be next.

At Raro, Brad is pissing everyone off. He's announced that he's ready for every man for himself and no one wanted to hear that.

We don't have long to ponder it as there was a challenge -
but before we can get to THAT, Jeff offers to let members mutiny.
And Candice does - which doesn't surprise ME.
But then, at the last possible second - and even beyond the last possible second, Jonathan does too - and we just know he did it to stay with Candice, who he thinks he is tight with. HA.

So the challenge involves putting women in a barrel and rolling them down a huge hill and over logs and through the water and I just have to say that it totally symbolized my LIFE THESE LAST TWO WEEKS. And it made me dizzy and I picked up my laptop and shopped and purchased a gorgeous cashmere baby blanket for my SIL who is having a baby and who loves cashmere.
The reward is coffee and muffins and letters from home and I know that iTunes won it handily but I didn't pay attention to them getting all misty over it.

Candice gets sent to exile island - as well she should.
Everyone thinks Jonathan should get voted out -
there must have been a second immunity challenge but I lost track -
And Brad is voted off and becomes the first member of the jury.

It just isn't the same viewing experience with K at work, mom at home, Middle out with his girlfriend - Youngest admiring his new hair.

At 3:30 today I am attending Knit One Purl Two, The New Ministerial Intern wants to meet all of you at my mother's apartment building (residents over 65 only).
Will report back.


Paula said…
All's well that ends well. That is a good way to end the week.

Enjoy yourself this weekend.
Anonymous said…
Glad that ship zoomed in.
FINALLY. I despise the Drama at the end of real estate deals. I'm glad you arose, victorious.

Uh-oh; getting picky about his hair? Next is 20 minute showers and shoe neurosis. I've heard.

Middle. Girlfriend. *sigh* Are you having to hit leather for dating?
Paulo Gama said…
Badger said…
I hate weeks like that, but YAY for the ending, even though you had to watch Survivor all alone which can't have been fun. (I was watching, too, though! Over here! Does that help?)

I hated that barrel challenge. HATED IT. As soon as Jeff said two men, two women you KNEW the wimmins were getting in the barrels. Jeff is an ass sometimes.
Jennifer said…
I always love to read your survivor caps :) So interesting to know how other's see the show.

Congratulations to your SIL :)

And WHAT? GIRLFRIEND??? how does MOM feel about this?
Suse said…
I am NOT ready for Middle to have a girlfriend.
--erica said…
a girlfriend. a girlfriend.

all survivor trivia seems seems so unimportant after that tidbit!