Middle has perfected his drum stick twirl. I just thought I'd let you know.
My mom pointed out that the good thing about it is that it's like silent drumming.
And it was funnier the way she said it.

Two weeks ago, the teams did that watch each other eat thing at tribal council and Cao Boi ended up going home.
Oh boi.
So, picking up where we had left off, Nate had been kidnapped and spent the night with iTunes.
They sweated him out.
But he just fed them nuts.
Or something.

Is a merge imminent? We all wonder.

During the commercial we discuss the fact that we want our financial planners to have long, impressive old-man sounding names like Paine Whitney Shearson Lehman Bowles.
Not that we have any finances to plan. Oh. No.

It's time for a challenge and the teams are given catalogues to choose items from -
bread? spices? potatoes?
Brad wants a tablecloth.

We notice again that the music is very very dramatic - we half expect people to be drawn and quartered on the beach.

It's a tile smashing/swimming competition. It seems to always be a tile smashing contest.
We are thinking that this show keeps the tile makers of the south pacific gainfully employed.
We have global vision.
Anyway, of course there are keys and puzzles and people who can't swim very well.
And it's raining and cold and people are shivering and huddling for warmth.

iTunes win potatoes and peanut butter and are just so delighted with their prizes that we are treated to some girl on girl peanut butter eating action. (that just isn't going to look good on google, is it...)

Nate is pissed at Brad and calls him a nancy boy.

Adam is on Exile Island -
and there's a heck of a storm.

On day 17 Ozzy catches a bird which Yul kills and we are treated to many many shots of bird carcass and bone picking.
Someone on the crew has got a thing for greasy lamb, dead bird, fish bone picking shots.
People in camp start working on alliances -
Ozzy wants to ally himself with Flicka and Candice (who I thought went home).

There is another challenge - a puzzle of steps and Raro wins.

Mom feels that they need to 'get rid of some of these girls' as there is 'a little too much with the hair.'
And she gets her wish as Flicka is voted off.


Lauri said…
I have never once watched this show, but I always know what's going on because of your reviews! lol!

And any girl named Flicka has to have hair issues.
Badger said…
I'm liking Nate more and more. If he and Yul made it to F2 I would be VERY VERY HAPPY.

But, you know, that will never happen.
Jennifer said…
As we watched last night in bed, I kept dosing off. The music though like you said.. very dramatic. kept waking me up. All through the show, Adam kept saying that girl ( Jessica aka Flicka ) bugs me to no end.

We cheered when she was voted off. :)
Anonymous said…
i started liking that flicka, even though she was the fool who let the chickens escape many weeks ago, she just seemed kind of nice.

she was my girlie's FAVORITE and the poor girl cried when flicka got the boot.
--erica said…
Why didn't they send BRAD to exile? I wish they would have.. he is bugging me.
Anonymous said…
I still think they need to get rid of Alan Alda voice. He scares me.

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