sunday night

My house is full of the scent of roasting pork with fennel and carrots.

pork and roasted veg

The arancini di riso are waiting...

risotto balls

Middle is sick. In his bed with 101.9. His head aches, but that is all.

going up

Youngest is playing after a nap -

Oldest has had a pleasant encounter with a important dignitary.

K is sitting with a cookbook, putting together a menu for a dinner party. He's thinking of pumpkin soup, leek salad, individual shepherd pies and chocolate mousse.
I'm thinking he's right.

I attended a baby shower today and as much as I thought I would be all humbug-y, I actually enjoyed watching the mother-to-be open tiny things.

bag skirt

(my sister in law drove - look how beautifully her bag matches her skirt)

All things move apace and we launch into another week.
I'll keep Middle in tomorrow.
K is taking the week of the 27th off and I guess we are going to have to start thinking about Christmas.

Christmas, which would imply colder weather which seems no where to be found.
My friend C emailed from Tokyo to say that they are very concerned as their fall seems inordinately warm.

Look at these -
Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

I am inspired every day by Le Vestaire de Jeanne - but that's a post for tomorrow.

The firewood has been stacked.
Now we wait.

autumn shoes


--erica said…
we have sick here too.

no dinner yet though so the pictures are making me hungry. unfair.

i love felted wool. Those boots are amazing.

and yours are too.
Badger said…

I hope Middle feels better. And that he was able to ingest some yummy pork.

Any menu that involves pumpkin soup and chocolate mousse is okay by me.

And I hate the x-acto boots. But you knew I would.
Colorsonmymind said…
TRhat menu sounds divine and the rest of the post is yummy!
Anonymous said…
Those Valenki are VaYucky. I think perhaps the household illness has gone to your head.

But the pork looks divine, even though I can't stand even the smell of fennel.

And the bag/skirt thing? Muy bien.
kilowatthour said…
i'm thinking i might be sick tomorrow...

and i'm with kathyr: the thought of fennel makes me gag a little. but the pork looks delicious! we like pork roast around here.
Anonymous said…
That roasted pork is a thing of beauty. What's in the herb mash on top? Rosemary and ???

Sorry Middle is ailing. I have two that are teetering on the wellness scale. We stayed IN today - not an easy thing to do.
Anonymous said…
Oh, is that where that lovely smell came from?
OK, I seem to be the only one WILD about fennel here. That's fine.
For a moment I was shocked to see actual colours on the skirt, thought it was YOU...what a great ensemble, my kind of thing.
Weather seems to be wild all over the world then, we're still in our high 80s here, with even higher temps at times. Please, I want cold!
K's menu: invitante!
Suse said…
Son #1 was home sick today too. I didn't cook him pork though. (Chicken curry, and orange self saucing pudding).

And our bizarre weather? Last Wednesday was the coldest November day ever, with snow on the hills and hail wind and rain everywhere else. And today was 36 degrees (which I think is 100 in old money. Bloody hot anyway). Proof of impending apocalypse, Shirley.

Oh ps. I just bought a pair of desert boots like those. Sans autumn leaves, sadly.

Whew, that was a long comment, what?
Anonymous said…
those boots look like the removable felted liners that come out of my real winter boots. And cut them yourself? Unless they're under $10.00, I won't be having any DIY boots. Because jenny + scissors = uneven boots.

I'm a crunchy coated roast pork girl, myself, but your's looks delicious.

I cranked up the woodstove yesterday, it's the best kind of heat.z
Anonymous said…
z not intended.

hope middle is on the mend.
Angela said…
Ok. I just purchased my plane ticket, and I will be leaving here in five minutes with the goal of joining you for pork leftovers at approximately noon.

I will bring a Get Well Soon gift for Middle, and am looking forward to today's wine.

I will put a red rose in my lapel.
Paula said…
Well, it's colder than...well. it's cold, let's leave it at that.

Hope Middle is well soon and doesn't pass it around.

Yum, Yum, and Yum to all.