a request from a wee turtle

I've made a few small changes here at Say La Vee over the past couple of weeks - but still haven't been allowed to go to beta. At first I was very jealous. Now I just hate the betas.
among the changes (and, I might add, either ALL 500 of you are just not very observant, or, you are just a bunch of MUTE LURKERS) was the addition of the Flickr badge over there>.
I'm sure you've seen them before, and I did originally have it set as a flash movie thing - but I realized that those things can be torturous to load sometimes and nixed it for the version you see now.
So, Flickr randomizes the photos and they change with great frequency and, I don't think, people see the same ones...it's very random, okay? I don't know how to explain it...I'm such a genius that the first time I installed it I knocked my header off the page for a few hours.

Last night, while I was snuggled in my bed and waiting for Middle to be home from hanging around Starbucks for seven hours, I got an email from Tut-Tut asking about the photos.
Of course, when I signed onto the blog, I was not seeing the same five photos that Tut-Tut was seeing, but once I figured that out, we moved forward...
tut-tut said...

Your photos are so eclectic; Kate Spade; reconstruction of a bathroom; unusual clothing items . . . please give us a commentary. this could become something quite big, given your recent collection of male and female faces.

How cute is that little turtle?!
There would be no way to give a commentary on what each of you see (this is getting long-winded, isn't it?) so I asked Tut-Tut to chose three photos and told her that while I am not good at the fiction, so there was no hope of me making up stories about them, I would tell her about each of them...

And so,
here they are...

dorothy crop

Our last trick-or-treaters of the day were two little girls who live around the corner.
Most years these girls, accompanied by their dad, are the last to arrive - usually around 9pm.
They have always waited for him to come home from work to take them around the neighborhood, and are the most adorable family, the H's - They have an adorable house and a big floppy dog, and their mom always has them gorgeously turned out in pinafores and bright sundresses.
They have cute names too...
The little sister was a pink Power Ranger and slightly shy.
The big sister was Dorothy.
The dad was an accountant (the girls made him wear his jacket and tie and carry his brief case).
Dorothy had a little basket with a stuffed dog in it - but I spied something under dad's arm...
Oh! he said, tell Mrs. B about baby!
Baby, it seemed, was the Cowardly Lion - in a costume of big sister's own design.

string 1

This is called 'string 1.'
And, let me just say, it's not so easy finding some photos amongst the thousands of stupid photos I've uploaded.
Why did I upload this one?
Well, if I remember correctly, I was in a string kind of mood.
I had stacks of books tied up with string on my mantle, I had string wrapped around candles, I had a string around my ankle - it was just string-world around here.
And I spied this necklace, and I use that term loosely, at Free People.
If I'm not mistaken, it was $50.
And it looks itchy.
And probably was - it was wool.
I wonder if it's reduced...

Finally, Tut-Tut requested any photos at all from Wellfleet. She has Wellfleet memories.
And I looked through a ton of them and found nothing especially evocative...
but I did find this -


I've told the story of this photo in a post -
I was looking through hundreds of pictures a couple of months after we returned from the Cape.
So many times the photos I take for Say La Vee are shot tightly and for specific reasons and I can easily delete them after I'm done with them. Buried among them was this one.
K shot it from a great distance.
I love the clouds and the sand - and us, sitting, doing what we do on the Cape.
Why am I not sitting, you wonder?
I am on surf patrol as Youngest is just out of sight, frolicking fearlessly in deep water...
one must be ready to run and strain him out of the waves.

Here are two bonus shots -


My bags in my room in the most perfect Cape house on Lieutenant's Island.

the cape cod

Atop the bank.
Downtown Wellfleet.

Enjoy your saturday.
We're making sausage.


tut-tut said…
I was just leaving for the library, when I saw your update. Indeed you made my day! but it was a different photo titled "String 1" that I had in mind . . .
Anonymous said…
BB - do you use Firefox at home? I do, and when I am home, I can see your sidebar. When I am at work on MS Explorer, It's not at the top right, it's all the way at the bottom right - some quirk of the template in different browsers. So I hadn't noticed the new sidebar until I read a comment about it. Sadness.

Anonymous said…
I am just de-lurking to say that I admit to being guilty of not being observant AND being mute.

The flickr is at the bottom right of the page, and since I read quite regular I never scroll down that far. So, my apologies.... I am off to enjoy the flickr now...

Eliane said…
I will enjoy, thank you. It's past eleven and I am still not dressed. We bathed the dog. So the bathroom is a war zone. I am heading there now.
kilowatthour said…
"strain him out of the waves"
i love that.

and--duh! i should have known it was a flickr badge. i shall make one right now!
Lauri said…
OK-so I haven't been all that observant. But, your's is like mine on my ArtSmith blog...waaaaay down at the bottom! Which makes it hard for people to see if you read regularly.

For some reason, though, on my BlogSmith blog, it's up at the top.

Jean said…
I'm with Melisa. I'm a lurker that read regularly. On my screen it is below the last entry on the page. There is no sidebar except there. I do enjoy your site tho!
Amy A. said…
Here are the three photos I would have chose (out of the three minutes that I looked)

The hoopty card
The nun dolly
What is the stuff in the white jars on the computer table?

Your sidebar and other stuff are way at the bottom on my screen, too.
--erica said…
i always love your photos.
my favorite is the boy at the airport with balloons. of course I love the post that goes with it...just thinking about it makes me teary.
Anonymous said…
Many intriguing photos, bb...

Sometimes, the way you crop the photos--cutting people's faces out of the shot--makes them take on a sort of art-like quality.

Then we all stare at them, and probably each of us "sees" something different.
KPB said…
I so nearly asked if the Flikr thing was new this morning. But then thought perhaps it had been there for ages and I'd just been unobservant.

No really.