recurring themes

Fritos for lunch

Fruit flies in our bedroom

COUS in the basement

Picking up toilet paper in the front yard


Not thawing dinner in time


Jennifer said…
Wanna know a secret? Sometimes I purposely don't thaw dinner in time or start cooking it in time too... just so I don't have to do it at all and we go out to eat ;)
Anonymous said…
COUS are another reason for wearing ballet flats. For whipping off one's feet and delivering a swift deliverance thereof.

And Fritos? My Favorite. So much so that they never are allowed to slip into the buggy at the grocery store. They were the one treat my mother allowed; corn, grease and salt being much better for a child than evil sugar.

How is your lovely mother faring today? Send her our regards from The West.
Suse said…
Fruit flies?

Time to clean under the bed.
Paula said…
At least it's not Korn.
BabelBabe said…
yeah, we have the fruit fly issue as well. i vaccuumed yesterday but it did not seem to help.
Anonymous said…
"Not thawing dinner in time"

(Story of my life)

Stop by and see me. I need a flag from your country. :)

Thank you bunches in advance. :)
Bec said…
Aah. Crickets of Unusual Size?

Someone in Tuvalu is a Princess Bride fan.