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My photos -
everyone else's photos...
my photos? wine.
everyone else's - things other than wine...things that suggest that other people have lives.

I know that a bunch of you are really into my wine review posts. And, anyway, we have another case and a half to drink.

We watched The Scarlet Pimpernel the other night.
From 1934.
Have you seen it?

scarlett pimpernel

It starts off a bit gruesome what with the beheadings and all, but it pulls together quite nicely and finishes with a rather abrupt ending - as though it WAS 1934 and this was just one of four movies you might see one day.
Here are some notable phrases which I, um, noted:

Ten thousand hells!

It was the busiest time of my day - I was tying my cravat.

The man who puts starch in my jabot is equally as capable of putting poison in my coffee.

Sink me.

I was stripped naked by the soldiers and then searched to see if I was a man.

Yes, the Scarlett Pimpernel said 'SINK ME' pretty frequently and I mean to work it into our everyday language.

I learned a lot about Merle Oberon on the IMDB listing for this movie. For example, did you know -
Because of facial scars the actress sustained in a London car crash in 1937, her future husband, cinematographer Lucien Ballard, designed a compact spotlight that he coined the "Obie" (Oberon's nickname). Mounted on the side of the camera, the device lights the subject head on, thus reducing the incidence of unflattering facial lines and shadows.

K said that he knew about Obie lights but had no idea of the back story.

On to the next!
Free People has written to me - they want me to buy their clothes.
(out of context I imagine this sentence has an entirely different life)
And, while I am intrigued by some of the items, I must admit that these -


are just plain FREAKISH.
And yet, I find myself desiring them.
But at $78, I look forward to the sale email.

I believe that there is a Dr. Seuss character with this finger composition.

Seventy eight dollars.

weird mitts

Don't you wonder if the Free People people might have been in a meeting and someone presented these three fingered mitts and said they'd have to be priced at $78 and someone else just stood up and said :

Because I am the kind of woman who has that kind of notion rattling around in her head.
Regarding these thalidomide mittens.

They thought I might be interested in half a sweater too -

half a sweater

but with my rack (aren't I acerbic today?) I think I'd better stay away.
This looks fraught with danger.
Bring on my pantaloons, though,


cause they are also recommending that I 'layer to my hearts content.'
Do you wear panties under pantaloons?
I have no idea.

What's it gonna be?
The cold weather is almost upon us here in Tuvalu -
and it's not so much the cold as it is the wet.
The wet and the cold.
And now that I am armed with my R1 (armed, heh heh)
my thoughts turn to my feet.
Sure, I have 20 pound Sorels,
and I have 10 year old Solomon Snow Clogs which never fit me properly -
so I am wondering...



Or Blundstones?


I'm leaning towards the Blunnies...
they just slip on, ya know.
Very appealing.


All this



I'm done.


Jennifer said…
Yeah those mitt/glove things freak me out too.

The sweater made me laugh out loud and the boots... well I say you need a pair of both, because they are both too darn good to pass up :)
Priscilla said…
I LOVE the Scarlet Pimpernel! There was a newer version that I loved as much. And have you read the books? Oh you must!

They seek him here, they seek him there.
Those Frenchies seek him everywhere.
Is he in heaven? Or is he in... well,
That damn elusive Pimpernel!
Anonymous said…
"Thalidomide mittens" made me laugh out loud. Loudly.

And I'm hung over so that's saying a lot.

They are, in fact, the scariest mittens I have ever seen. Who knew mittens could evoke any sort of reaction at all?
Anonymous said…
The blunnies. Definitely.
Joke said…
I utterly adore The Scarlet Pimpernel. I'll stop now before I waste a whole day spouting off lines therefrom.

Amy A. said…
I vote Timberlands. You can get away with them with a skirt.

Also, I bet Suse could tell you how to make those cactus shaped mittens, you know, just to say you had a pair.
Anonymous said…
I'm pretty sure the mittens will show up in the closeout catalog. The Blunnies? Probably not, but so what? They're divine.
Anonymous said…
I'm for the Blundstones. If they are comfortable, that is.

BabelBabe said…
thalidomide mittens - hahahahaaa!

The Blunnies. I think you need to wear stirrup pants with the Timberlands and we cannot have that....

and Priscilla beat me to the (rhymed) punch!
Anonymous said…
Those mittens are just wrong.
Anonymous said…
Wine reviews are great. My favourite book was the cat in the hat by Dr Seuss. I think I would have to go for the Blundstones, but not with pantaloons
Elizabeth said…
I'm firmly in the Blundstone group, having worn them for two years straight and loving them.

I am beyond words at the price and shape of those mittens.
Were they hand knit by hermit monks in the tropics who couldn't read the pattern?
Someone who found crop circles in their backyard and now designs suspicious knitwear?
Anonymous said…
I liked the sweater without the mitts!

And I'm wearing Blundstones so I'm biased.
tut-tut said…
Thank you for informing my unfashion sense.
tut-tut said…
I meant MY unfashion sense; not yours. I seem to be misunderstood lately.
Kirsten said…
What? You've never heard of opposable thumbs AND pinkies?
Anonymous said…
Blundstones - no question. Love the Scarlet Pimpernel - must re-watch!
Suse said…
I'll KNIT you a pair of thalidomide mittens, not just tell you how to make 'em. And charge you mates rates - seventy FIVE dollars, because I adore you. Heh.

Tell Amy A. too. I might just have found my market!

Also, as an Orstraylienne, you must get the blunnies. No question. (Mate).
Suse said…
P.S. Those Timberland ones look like polio boots.
Anonymous said…
Have not seen the movie, but read the book as a child and didn't understand most of it but I though I was reading the Scarlet Letter! Ah, youth. I do remember it being rather thrilling and short. I may have to dredge up a copy...I don't suppose my library owns a copy?
kt said…
Ooh, the Blunnies are soooo yummy.

And that model? The one who looks like she's trying to look like Pre-Apple Gwyneth? Who the hell told her to wear a twist-tie (you know, the bit you use to close the bread bag) as an underpiece for that pillow-case she's trying to convince us is a blouse?


I forgot.

Se's layering to her heart's content.

(I am SO NOT buying the 1980's Madonna hair-thing, either. So there, nyeah.)
KPB said…
I want a pair of pantaloons merely so I can say "I bought some pantaloons today" or "I think I'll wear my pantaloons today" or "thank goodness I'm wearing my pantaloons, it's so drafty".

You have to buy the Blunnies, they're Australian you know. It'd be even better if you found a pair of R.M.Williams.

And I like those thalidomide gloves, they're quirky.
Anonymous said…
Sink me! I *LOVE* the SP! An all time fave. I vote for the blunnies as well. I wore one pair of Redbacks which are similar and also Aussie for 3 years straight, and they were the best.
Anonymous said…
Dare I say that the cheap wine reviews are making all the other reviews even funnier?

I love (the other BB) BabelBabes comment about the Timberlands - that's exactly what I thought when I saw them, so I hope you are going for the Blunnies.

Well, sink me - my glass is empty! Time to go....
--erica said…
Just say NO to pantaloons.