our rock band names

Frozen Specimen

We Need A Snack Now

Fresh Roasted Nuts



Depression Hurts

The Allergists

Expiration Date


kilowatthour said…
oh, the allergists. i like their old stuff.
Anonymous said…
I like frozen specimen best. There's potential with that one...

"Ladies and Gents, Pimps and HOs--Freshly harvested, sterile and straight out of the liquid nitrogen tank--it's time to put your hands together for THE FROZEN SPECIMEN!!!

BTW, I'm trying to avoid your last post, as I have not yet watched ye olde Survivor.
Badger said…
I can't believe Nebulizer isn't on that list. That's an AWESOME band name, yo.
tut-tut said…
Your photos are so eclectic; Kate Spade; reconstruction of a bathroom; unusual clothing items . . . please give us a commentary. this could become something quite big, given your recent collection of male and female faces.