no Coreskin for me

I've made my decision
I am saving my husband nearly one hundred dollars and keeping the Patagonia R1 Granulated Jacket.
Why you ask?
Well - I'm going to show you...

cut of sleeve...

R1 sleeve use

R1 above - very groovy, street urchin-like cut of sleeve, makes me feel all goth-ski-ish.

Coreskin below -


while the rubber velcro grippy thing is neat, it is far too sporty. I don't do sporty.

Next -
the Coreskin seems to be sprinkled with random pull tabs.

coreskin neck

What am I supposed to do with the one on the back of the neck?
Hang my keys from it I guess.

You know what else is no good?

coreskin full

IT'S SHINY. And it makes noise.
I need to be all stealthy in the supermarket. Cause, you know, sometimes I'm a spy.
I can't be rustling around the produce.

coreskin butt pulls

More random tie wraps at the ass part -
and speaking of ass parts...


I cannot even CAPTURE THE GLORY that is the ass part of the R1.
See how I can't capture it?

ass part

I CAN get a damn fine photo of the camera though, can't I?
We need a new camera...but before we can consider THAT, we have some Tuvaluan swamp REAL ESTATE we need to unload.


The R1 has a pocket ON THE SLEEVE.

granulated sleeve

Which is a good place for the cell phone.
(remote shown for scale)
The Coreskin has a pocket on the breast. I don't need any further bulking in that area.

granulated interior

It is black. Inside and out. For when I star in Ocean's Thirteen.

granulated cuff

It is more discreetly logo-ed.

To sum up:
groovy, black, stealthy, ass part.
I think it's going to work out just fine.

And Hugh's all what are you talking about Coreskin? YOU are an R1 kind of woman.

Justin Stephens/Corbis Outline



Joke said…
Still can't get past that "Bertie Wooster as Hell's Angel" thing.

Anonymous said…
i think it's a good call. both quality products. but i think the coreskin is 'more jacket than you need'

the pulls at neck and ass-part are to keep snow out. and the lower ass part is so your hiney crack isn't exposed when you bend over to adjust your telemark bindings. or when your sitting a cold belay.

now I am going shopping with my $200 patagonia gift card!

see ya!

Anonymous said…
Yikes. How did I miss all those new posts?

I thought of your photos of women ageing beautifully on Saturday night when I saw this woman in concert:
--erica said…
why buy new when the old will do?

and I HATE THE NAME! Names do matter you know.
Anonymous said…
Stealthy grocery shopping is key.

No rustling in the produce.

Or else:

Cover is blown and target must be disengaged.
Badger said…
Okay! Glad that's settled. Now we can all move on with our lives.
Anonymous said…
These items of apparrel are made for people who live and breathe to be outside, hang the weather! And that bum cut is most devine, and useful when you sit - you've still got coverage. I can see the benefits of the coreskin (that's a nasty name - change one consonant and you've really got something!) but for just a walkies-type? Nah.

And Badger - you could do a dominant palm reading.
Susie Sunshine said…
As much as I enjoy your jacket reviews, I'm just staying inside this winter.
Anonymous said…
The butt cutt alone does it for me.

Anonymous said…
I don't know. Coreskin sounds too much like foreskin. Didn't that occur to them when they named the thing?