mini wine review 3



The label:
Finnegan's Lake
Cabernet Sauvignon 2004

But to me -
Fin = (fr.) end.
For me, Fin = enough, done, bring the bill (in the restaurant). I'm through.

Perfect at the end of an I sneezed a thousand times today, took medication and spent the afternoon zoned out, Youngest was LOST for 30 minutes, that horrible real estate transaction HAS FINALLY ENDED, had to drive Middle to a neighboring town at 4pm, kind of day.

Slightly fruity -
with an interesting depth of taste which would probably mature nicely if I let it 'open up,' sadly, after the day I've had, I am gulping it too quickly to appreciate it.
Also, I'm sorry to say - I think it was $12.99.



Colorsonmymind said…
I like your wine reviews and the dialogue for your dinner party made me smile.

Your a cutie.
Suse said…
That label would be funnier if the pic was of the rear (fin) end of the dog.
Bec said…
You and I? Drink in the same way, for the same reasons.

Probably it's for the best that we do so a continent or two apart.
Badger said…
Wait, Youngest was lost? For 30 whole minutes? What's up with that?!

OMG, my WVW is jugsof. Jugs of WHAT? Wine? I only had the one glass last night, dammit!
Anonymous said…
Well, at least the real estate saga is over from what I gather!