mini wine review 2

Last night's wine was Happy Camper California Chardonnay.
Isn't it cute?

h camper blur

It's blurry?

The Happy Camper label says:

You all look like happy campers to me.
Happy campers you are,
happy campers you have been, as far
as I am concerned, happy campers you will
always be.

My first problem is: I don't like my wine to take on a conversational tone with me.
I like my wine to put up and shut up.
And Happy Camper really didn't do either.

Again with the cute top though,


Campers, hikers, kayaks, tents...cute.
Sadly, for me, camping is not a good thing...
and Campers?
Better be these.

2 1/5 points - cute label.


tut-tut said…
I liked the third pair of Campers best.

Hope tonight's bottle scores higher.
Paula said…
I like the label. White wine, not so much. I'm a red wine gal.

The shoes are cute too.
christina said…
I'm digging your mini wine reviews!
BabelBabe said…
I. want. those. Mary Janes.
Joke said…
What'd ya eat with that?

Anonymous said…

Wine without much flavor?

Maybe you should try spending more than TEN DOLLARS ON THE BOTTLE.

I'm just sayin'.

Although apparently the box wine from Target is pretty tasty. So many things wrong with that sentence, but who knows?...
Anonymous said…
I'm afraid of your wine.
Anonymous said…
you like camping, you just don't like admitting you like camping...

Anonymous said…
Love, love, love the shoes, will avoid the wine.

Is it weird that I absolutely love Camper shoes yet do not own a single pair? The problem is that I'm not sure how they fit, so I don't want to shell out lots of money on-line to order them, only to find they pinch me, and no place around here sells them so I could try them on. Harumph.