Youngest had a party.
A party which required a suit.
I don't like little boys in suits - they tend to look just like little men, in suits.
For as long as I could, as long as I was able, I got away with short pants, trousers and a band-collared shirt, trousers and a sweater...
When Oldest finally needed a jacket for his Coming Of Age service (13) I bought him one at the thrift shop. Looking back, it sort of looked thrifted, which wasn't good when everyone else had been to the Little Man Shoppe and purchased a three piece, um, suit, but I knew he would only wear it that one day.
Middle got all the way to his first high school concert without a jacket and then I thrifted that one too - but it looked better.
But now Youngest was going to this party and there was just no way to avoid it.

The thing to have done would have been to march into a place like Ralph Lauren. But I just couldn't bear it.
We went to a big department store.
And it turned out that size 12 swims on him and size 10 fits him pretty well (the waist is too big and the jacket is too perfect). I could never justify spending Ralph's kind of money on something that would have to be replaced in a year.

He looked damn fine.


dress shoes

His dress shoes are from Payless. I wanted leather ones but he's a men's size 6 which is pretty tough to find.

The party was in a neighborhood where people walk their horses.

walking the horse

K wondered if the guy walking the horse carries a plastic bag with him.

There are some new houses going up over there too -


Very subtle architecture, wouldn't you say?

ugly house

Youngest went off to the party.
He called a few hours later and said he couldn't stay for two more hours and asked to be picked up.
He arrived at the car with a monogrammed sweatshirt, two pairs of sunglasses, a large teddy bear and a handful of candy.
There were TWO chocolate fountains and a cotton candy machine.

He took a two hour nap.


BabelBabe said…
Oh my God, he had to wear a jacket for a kids' party? Weird!

But he looks nice...and I like the tie. Did he have to wear a tie too?
Joke said…
Not that they've ever needed it for parties, but my boys have had a blazer & flannels since they were out of diapers. Just last year (age 8) Numbah One Son demanded (and got) his first suit for someone's baptism.

Now he wants to go with me next time I get a suit made and get one his own bad self.

This stuff's genetic*.


* My grandfather was a tailor and therefore guess who made me my 1st custom suit at age 9?
Joke said…
P.S. That last picture looks like Wayne Manor. Where is the secret Batcave exit? Oh, wait, secret...riiiiight.
Badger said…
Holy crap, dude.
Amy A. said…
Those aren't homes, those are hotels.

But I'd take one if someone gave it to me.

And the party. Wow. Did youngest take a gift?
Anonymous said…
I want to go to a party like that!!
And I want to live in a house like that, well... only if I don't have to clean it ;)
Anonymous said…
youngest (who is 12!) went to a party, held in a manor, wore a suit AND came back with gifts...
Anonymous said…
Was there a man named Willy Wonka at this party--with a posse of oompa-loompas?

'Cause I think I might know where youngest was!!
Anonymous said…
the houses are a little, um, large for my taste.

does youngest not have access to a camera phone? i'm thinking he should - at least for occasions like this.
Paula said…
What Badger said.
Anonymous said…
They didn't send the helicopter to pick up youngest?
I like him all the more that he just wanted to come home.
And then napped.
I can't imagine a 12 year old having much fun at a party in a suit! I think they need to still be in horsing-around-wear, but I guess I stand corrected.
Did the invite say "Suit & Tie"?! I cannot imagine it!

Oh, and yes; he looks VERY nice!
--erica said…
Anonymous said…
The shoes for boys issue is just a disgrace. It has been driving me crazy! The children's shoe manufacturer who comes up with sneaks and snoboots for boys in 5-8 could make a fortune.

It is nearly impossible to find larger than a 5 for boys or the smaller men's shoes. Who wants to splend that kind of money on something they will outgrow so fast?

It took for ever to find my 11 yr old some snoboots that he liked, kid's 7 were too small to allow for wool socks. The men's were mostly way too heavy and proprtioned for an adult.

We did find a Bass men's 7 to get by with. After all that work it almost seems like Chicago will have no snow this year!

Your dude is in a 10? I would have though he was a size 12 from the Tees he runs around in. It's even a amzing that for kids, when getting something fitted size can surprise you.

oh oh too long but the other kids shoe thing driving me crazy is the stores like Sears that don't carry kid's half sizes cause "it's not worth it."
Anonymous said…
What astonishes me is that a whole team of people thought those houses worth building...the developer, the contractor, the person who bought it. Not one of them stepped back and said, "wait guys, this is going to be hideous."

He had to wear a suit for THAT? What on earth was the occasion?
Anonymous said…
my kids are 15 and 12 and around 7th grade the bar/bat mitzvah parties begin. we live in a suburb 30mins outside of nyc and it is common for these parties to be dress up affairs. they are often as elaborate as weddings and my kids come home w/the lavish party gifts you descibe. for my 12 yr old boy we have been doing dress chinos(which he can wear on holidays,etc.),navy blue blazer,shirt,tie,dress shoes(payless). a few of his friends have older brothers so we've been able to wear blazers they have outgrown,although for the last event we had to buy our own as he had grown past all the hand me downs. hopefully this one will fit for the remainder of 7th grade as that is the peak bar/bat mitzvah "season" as all the friends turn 13.
Anonymous said…
I was assuming this was a bar mitzvah! Don't tell me this was just a birthday party or social event!
blackbird said…
who ARE you anonymous???
Unknown said…
I agree with Anon. When we went thru b'nai mitzvah year we had parties EVERY freaking weekend. It was like chocolate fountain heaven. We were just at another one last weekend and my 14 year old had to get a suit. We bought one on sale as he's now in men's sizes. But he wore MY Dr Martins for dress shoes!
Anonymous said…
That house? Gag me. Some people apparently have more money than is good for them.

My boys, now 17 and almost 22, have never had suits, let alone a new suit. Goodwill, Salvation Army, and the back of Dad's closet where the used-to-fit-20-years-and-many-pounds-ago suits live -- these have clothed them for the few occasions when they absolutely positively had to dress up. We apparently do not move in the circles to which Youngest was invited. For this I thank the heavens.
Anonymous said…
anonymous answers...i delurked for the 1st time to leave my "2cents". i'm not a blogger,but i found yours thru a relative's blog. i enjoy your writing and reading about your family. i too take care of my family and home full time and it is refreshing to read about someone else who does.it is not so fashionable to be a fulltime mother these days, but i love what i do, although your life sounds so much more interesting! nice to meet you..MOM2
islaygirl said…
clever, well-brought-up youngest, to call you and say 'come get me.'

i mean, what else is he going to do, he's youngest and doesn't have a license, but it just sounds so good.
KPB said…
I'm with Badger.

There were times I thought This Old House was just a gross manufactured myth to convince the world you guys really were worthy of being a superpower simply through the ability to have eleventygagillion metres of cabling and home theatre rooms on every floor not to mention the dumbwaiter.

Those photos have dispelled that myth.

So yeah, what Badger said.
Anonymous said…
Yougest looks darn fine in that suit with his tie and yellow shirt (great choice). My husband and I are 12 yrs. apart, so it wouldn't be a stretch to keep him in mind for Sophie . . . as always, you make me laugh, bbird.
Julia said…
The architecture is truly undefendable. Speachless. But excellent suit. And I like the tie too. My bro wore khakis and a blazer to all fancy events up until this year. Now he says he is 20 and he wants a more mature wardrobe for Christmas this year. Is this a U.S. trend I am unaware of after too many years overseas?
Anonymous said…
holy shit. that kind of grosses me out. not the suit, but the McCastle! how do people get away with that kind of karma?
blackbird said…

Julia doesn't know that we live in TUVALU.
I think with they should have offered suits ralph or christian or from whatever planet they are from...

Like I have said to my husband a million times before...I cannot wait to talk to God about all this!!