a meme from Schmutzie

who did not tag me -
but, nonetheless...

Lists of Things

1. Things on my desk: let's do kitchen counters, shall we?
The Bodum coffee machine, a loaf of mouldy bread, half a bottle of wine, the toaster, the butter, the Yellow Submarine cookie jar, the tiny microwave oven, tall bottles of cooking oil, four kinds of salt on a dish, paper towels, a scented candle, the thing that holds the sponge and scrub brush, a jug of parsley, the liquid hand soap.

2. Things on the table: a box of lightbulbs, some grapes, a newspaper, a catalogue, the telephone, K's keys, my bag, a pencil.

3. Things I am wearing: mary janes, black panties, brown cord skirt, turquoise tank top, black henley shirt, my watch, my prayer beads, my rings.

4. Things in my bag
: a zip bag with allergy pills, an inhaler, pressed powder, an eye pencil, another zip bag with my iPod, some mints, hand lotion, a Tide stick, two panty shields, some Xanax, my checkbook and a pen, my wallet, two eyeglass cases, a hair brush, my date book, my keys and a change purse.

5. Things that made up my lunch: a burger with blue cheese and a coke.

6. Things I wish I'd never swallowed: that ricotta cheesecake.

7. Things I have a fondness for that are less than obvious: cleaning out the dryer lint, picking my ears, the smell of the post office, squares.

8. A thing I wish was not stuck in my head: this hangover.


Suse said…
So glad you're wearing panties today.

And do throw out that mouldy bread. It's disturbing.
Badger said…
I LOVE cleaning out the dryer lint.
Anonymous said…
From the $ 8,99 Este?????
Paula said…
I have to agree with Suse.
blackbird said…
oh - the hangover is from lots of pinot noir, at a dinner party last night.
tut-tut said…
Some of that half-bottle may provide you with a cure for number 8.
dom said…
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Thanks :-)
Elan Morgan said…
So we are both fans of the dryer lint. I washed towels yesterday and took great pleasure in removing the lint from the lint trap.
--erica said…
that dryer lint thing?
I thought it was just ME.

a hangover? Yes.. me too possibly. perhaps it's BB withdrawls though.
kilowatthour said…
i love cleaning out the dryer lint. very satisfying.
That is the best list (meme,) I have read in a long time. Great way of with words, telling a story with a few. Clues that are more than keys!
The lint thing was perfect!!
KPB said…
no bra?
Anonymous said…
I so have my iPod in a plastic zip bag, very classy of us, don't you think?
halloweenlover said…
I thought the same thing as Kel.

Are your panty shield loose in your purse? Because those shouldn't get dirty, I think.

And now I want a coke.
blackbird said…
actually, the bags with the zippers are vinyl...