K is off this week

This fact usually means that I do less of my work and have fun with him instead.
By friday the house will be a wreck.

Yesterday we spent a couple of hours at Target.
We got just about everything for Christmas, right down to wrapping paper and ribbon.
Then we went to Borders for all the rest.
I even remembered gifts for our Japanese friends -
now, if I can manage to post them in time, the gifts could possibly cross paths over the ocean instead of me realizing when a box arrives that I've forgotten them again.

In the afternoon we went on a scooter ride and had egg rolls at the Chinese take away.
Note to self: don't ever sit and eat there again.

I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner...things are just moving along.

This morning I have breakfast with my girlfriends, this afternoon I need to pick up Youngest's room.

K is in charge of dinner tonight -

You know, if it weren't for NaBlowMe I might have taken today off...


Badger said…
If you can't find it at Target, you don't need it, I always say.

Actually, no. I made that up just now. But I'm going to start saying it from now on.
Anonymous said…
Life at your house sounds like fun. It just does.
Anonymous said…
Chinese Take-Aways and cleaning? Not so much. We ate at Dim Sum in Las Vegas, and I was grateful that everything came out of scorching hot, nice clean STEAM. The restaurant was so not clean, I wanted to sit on my napkin.

I need to set up a breakfast with the GFs - it's been too long!

Enjoy your scooting around wtih your K! I hope your weather isn't freezin-ass cold like ours is this week - look out - it may be heading your way!
--erica said…
i'm glad you shared your day...My hubby needs a week off. A REAL week off.
Paula said…
Sounds lovely.
Anonymous said…
Scooter ride??? Oh mine, so it's not here that's so darn warm still...
Enjoy Mr. K. Isn't it wonderful when we get a chance of spending some REAL time with our hubs?
Tell me...can you already smell Christmas in the air in Tuvalu??? It's one of my favourite times of all, SIGH!