it was like an Oprah moment

Except I really don't watch Oprah anymore.
How can I with Ellen on opposite her?
While Oprah's all tell us about how he victimized you for years on end...
Ellen is dancing in the aisles.
I defy you to be miserable watching Ellen. Go ahead. Try.
Anyway - it was more like an Oprah moment because Ellen doesn't ever talk about bras.
But I distinctly remember an episode of Oprah about wearing the wrong sized bra and I knew I was guilty, and yesterday I went off to Nordstrom because they were having a 'fit event' with the Chantelle bra people and I wanted a fitting.
And, let me just say: I walked in and told the adorable, young, thin, Chantelle bra lady that I did not want any foam in my cups and that they had to be seamless.
And I held my breath and let her measure me.
And she was amazing.

Joke, you might want to click away now.............

First of all, I am not a 34C - oh no! I am a 32D! Which I think sounds skinnier, and yet fuller busted! (shut up, fuller busted is not a lyric or a video game)
And, while she did find me the most perfect bra in the world, which, somehow, also makes my breasts look younger, she also convinced me on the molded cup - which I vehemently swore (at Victoria's Secret) I would never wear.
She sold the molded cup on the basis of invisibility in a tee shirt, which: whatever -
but it also seems much more supportive.
And she taught me all the tricks to fitting properly.
And she gave me a free umbrella.

How often do you find out that you are smaller anywhere?

the Senseo 2701 underwire bra

And it's not even an old battle-axe looking bra.
But I wonder where I'm going to get those little belts, for around my neck?
Cause those look good too.


Badger said…
Dude! I was a 32D when I got married! Which is the last time I was professionally fitted, so who the hell knows what I am now? I'm waiting until I have $80 to spend on a bra to find out.

Pretty sure you can get the little belts at Wet Seal. Or maybe Charlotte Rousse. Or maybe your local BDSM shoppe.
Anonymous said…
I am shocked, to say the least.
It's a dream.
I am D too though!!!
So we share something. Weeeeee!
BabelBabe said…
i read somewhere that something like 85% of the women think they are 34C and really only some teeny percentage like 5% actually ARE.

when I am done nursing, i am going to get fitted and i am NEVER buying a white bra again ever as long as i live. and i plan a bonfire with my nursing bras.
Paula said…
There are few things finer than a good fitting bra.
Anonymous said…
Okay this is all very nice.

But I'd like you to know, reading all this, I am still thinking about that roasting pork with fennel.

It's perhaps confusing my coworkers why I'm drooling while reading all about bras, and their contents.

Time for lunch.
Lauri said…
ROFL! I took one look at that picture and thought, "Do the leather belt looking things come with the bra?"
Amy A. said…
I don't believe I've ever had a bra that fit, and I won't go to one of those fittings because I'm afraid they will tell my I'm actually an H or something. I don't think I could handle that. Eek.

Good for you though. I bet you feel like a new woman.
kilowatthour said…
this is exactly the bra of which i ahve three. in a 34d. (it seems half my newly gained weight has landed in the breast region. which is okay with me.)
Anonymous said…
I'm green with envy!

I've been meaning to do just that for months.

Congrats on the size 32!

Mine's probably a 66 triple X.

Maybe I shouldn't go!
Anonymous said…
I'd love to get fitted for a bra... I'm currently a 42 DD but that still fits tight in the cup sometimes depending on the style, and band around is always loose *sigh*
Anonymous said…
so funny! I sooo need to do this. I hit 40 and well, things just aren't the same, ha ha. So glad to hear it worked.
Unknown said…
I recently went to a fitting and found I was bigger round my frame, and my cup size was actually one smaller than I had been wearing. My new bra fits like it's a second skin. That bra fitting thing is a miracle.

But I still watch Ellen.
Anonymous said…
i love you, like no other. i have gone from 38D TO 36B and think i need a fitting. this is just the post to send me on my way.

but i need lime green, or blue or something besides skin tone...
Suse said…
I'm afraid to go for a fitting because I think they'll tell me I'm really a double A.

And I don't think I'd take it well.
Anonymous said…
I have no concept of a bra without LOTS of foam.

Bet you look hot in your new bra.
Anonymous said…
Well, shoot.
I went for that fitting, too.
Yes, Nordstroms.
They brought in THREE bras out of the 10gazillion selections.
Oh, the tugging, the leaning forward, the adjusting of the straps.
36D - not the 38C I had been wearing for years.
And where in the heck did the Back Fat go?
OH! It's in the cup! With the Front Fat!
And the band? Sits nearly at my waist? Huh?
I am not questioning such comfort and fit. Not this girl. Nope.
christa said…
the molded cup bra is the bra of the future! it is perfect! i have 6, in 38DD!

6!! i've never had 6 bras at once before! this is how much i love the molded cup bra!!

look at all the exclamation points!!
Anonymous said…
I'm glad another gal has discovered the particular joy of a well-fitting bra.

My own epiphany came about three years ago when I spent far too much money on my wedding gown and realised the effect would all be ruined without the correct underwear. I proceeded without delay to Rigby & Peller (lingerie-ists to the Queen - you get to do these things when you live in London). I pronounced myself a 34C and the teeny Italian assistant said "I doan theenk so". After viewing (note, not measuring) my gazongas for all of two seconds, she brought back a bunch of bras that were 32DD. As you can imagine, my eyeballs just about exited their sockets, but I'm a total convert. I can only imagine the number of boobs that assistant has viewed in her 50 or so years.

Yay for correctly sized underwear! And believe me, they've seen it all before. Some of the women in the waiting queue were enormous, and I personally saw bras there that I could have used to encase my entire head twice over.
Anne said…
Oh and you are going to have SO much trouble finding 32D. Unless you mail order. Or live near a really big city.

Here in my town, even Victoria's Secret stores don't carry 32D. Neither does Nordstrom's. Or Macy's! Only Dillard's has them.

(I thought I was a 34C too - but I'm either at 32D or 32DD depending on "style")
woof nanny said…
Speaking of neck belts, how about head ones? If you haven't seen this post yet, you'll appreciate it