the friday meme, which, because there is an episode of survivor on tonight, I will do on thursday.

1. What is your craft, & how long have you been doing it?

I am a mother and a wife. And pretty crafty too. (mentally, that is)

2. Are you a vegan, vegetarian, veg-curious, veg-friendly or other?

You're kidding, right? I like vegetables, is that enough?

3. What is your favorite color(s)? Do you particularly dislike a color(s)?

I like black. And brown. But mostly black. I particularly dislike pale yellow.

4. Do you have any allergies (such as pets, foods or cigarette smoke)?

I am allergic to codeine and assholes.

5. Do you have any companion animals? If so, names and types?

A dog lives in our house. I hate her. And don't worry your pretty little head, she hates me too.

6. Do you collect anything?


7. Do you have a favorite vegan food, snack or dish? If no fav that's vegan (for those who aren't vegan), what's your favorite food? (Hopefully your pal can find a vegan version!)

I eat edamame in Japanese restaurants - does that count?

8. What tools/supplies/accessories for your craft(s) are you wishing you had but don't? Also, what do you have TOO many of? (basically a wish and anti-wish list)

A vacuum. Vacuums. Vacuums.

9. What type of handmade item would tickle your fancy? What don't you like? (Keep in mind this swap is open to all types of crafters.)

I like aprons. I don't like doilies. I'd like some homemade shoes.

10. Is there anything else you would like your pal to know about you?

My pals know what they need to about me.


Badger said…
Where in the hell did you get this bizarre meme? Are you applying to some sort of crafty vegan penpal program?
Anonymous said…
a dust collector?

I think I just found my new hobby!
Joke said…
This has "Remedial Meme School" written all over it.

Anonymous said…
I still can't believe you about your dog...
definitely share your dust hobby though! doilies...homemade ones...I'll show you an dyou may change your mind...
Anonymous said…
We have the same allergies, you and I. Codeine and assholes are also NOT friends of mine.

As for #10, very evasive, bb. Maybe you've covered this before, in one of your older posts, but I personally would like to hear more about your doilie aversion.

When did it start? How did it manifest itself? Why are you so anti-doilie, when the rest of us just can't seem get enough?
Elan Morgan said…
You must really hate that dog. This is the first I've heard of it.
Elan Morgan said…
As you have mentioned to me just now, you note the dog in your header. Oops.
Anonymous said…
unrelated to meme:

ok Blogger Beta expert...
how do you make the linkable photos/pics in your sidebar??
I can't figure out which of those fancy "add elements" to use? or are you just an html expert and I should buy a book?
Suse said…
Note to self: Must stop crocheting bb doilies immediately.

(Have you signed up for a vegan craft swap? The mind boggles ...)
Anonymous said…
Not really related to the meme, but survivor has been relegated to 10.30 here, which is too late for me to be making a proper commitment. And I still think it is the best thing on television.

Also, the beautiful women post is brilliant.