five ideas for posts that didn't make the cut this month

1. An insightful explanation of my wardrobe evolution from kindergarten and my 'Sound Of Music' dress to my present day european children's designer look. But with glasses.

2. Why DOES my left arm hurt when I am stressed? Heart condition, or the arthritis that was diagnosed 30 YEARS ago. Hard to tell.

3. The full explanation, while we are at it, for the possible causes of Youngest's severe asthma which I have really already emailed to people who were overly concerned and which no one else should give a second thought to as he is well cared for and IT DOESN'T MATTER.

4. Stuff we want to buy because we sold the apartment.

5. The story of Oldest and the incredibly important WORLD LEADER that he has had breakfast next to, at the counter of the diner, not far from where he is presently living.


Anonymous said…
Oh come on - what world leader??

I am very glad that Youngest is doing well. Can they really diagnose what causes asthma? Other than allegies, I mean.

You can tell I have no idea what I'm talking about.
Katy said…
was it an *actual* world leader? or a future world leader who is just now very influential? You had a house and an apartment? How does that work? Does that work? Or is that why you sold the apartment?

You can tell that I am always full of questions.
--erica said…
oh gosh. now you're just being a tease ;)
Anonymous said…
1. Need a current wardrobe photo.
2. Are you left handed?
3. Asthma sucks; we have it here, too. Along with eczema, which is a delightful accompaniment
4. But have you bought any?
5. Spill it!
kilowatthour said…
well, you at least have to give us the world leader. that much is obvious.
Life said…
i'm curious about the asthma cause but only because my preemies have ongoing asthma-like issues, treated with asthma meds. and wonder if it is related to something like that.
slippers that don't die, oh that made me laugh!! Give them to the dog. Or use them for taking out the garbage and leave them there. Just buy new ones!
Let's go to Japan!!!I'll buy a coat or two and you buy the tickets!!
I love those rocks!
I love this post!!
Caterina said…
Ooooo.....I would've loved to hear about #5. I'm with everyone else, at least tell us what world leader?
Anonymous said…
1. I'll take it.
2. You ARE a leftie.
3. Good to hear.
4. List.
5. I could guess, but I see everyone is WAITING.