Blackbird's mini wine review #4

Remember the rules?
Under $10, and a nice label...


Tonight's wine = Este.
Este who?
Estee Lauder?

heh heh.
we are so effin funny.


the wine

K says: Slightly less medicinal than Fin.

bb says: Medicinal? I didn't even notice that Fin was much is this one?

K says: Eight ninety nine.

bb says: Nice ta meetcha!

K: And yet, it's missing something...

bb: What? You mean it is unable to wash the bitterness of life from your mouth?

K: Yeah. That's what its problem is.


Anonymous said…
Is it just me or does the label look like a picture of a pregnant horse?

I don't think I could drink pregnant horse wine no matter the price.

este truth.
Anonymous said…
Well, I can't top that. Sink me.
sara said…
I can't even think of a suitable comment, I'm laughing too hard.
Anonymous said…
The picture on the label disturbs me, too. From the little compass symbol on the label, it looks like Este means East in some language I don't know. But what does a pregnant horse have to do with East?
Anonymous said…
Why doesn't the pregnant horse have any legs? There's room for a tail, but no tail.

I'll move on now.
Badger said…
You're so cute when you're drunk.
kt said…
Ok, so the name of this vino is


How utterly creative. They might as well have a blank, white label with a bar code on it.
Suse said…
What the hell kind of animal IS that?

Anonymous said…
Gees, I got out my magnifying glass for this, and that makes me grouchy as then I feel Old...and well, that darn critter looks like a cave drawing of the 'one that didn't get away'. So I guess you are supposed to serve bloated sheep with your Este?

the label is pretty cool; i like how the head extends over the line.
Lauri said…
I agree about the cool label!

Cool Label=Better Wine (at any price)

And ROFL at your conversation!
Kirsten said…
The compass under the preggo horse leads me to think ... I bet the name of this wine is the reason that everyone wanted to Go West, Young Man!
Jess said…
Personally, I only drink wine that washes away the bitterness of life.

The label looks like a cave painting, like Lascaux or someplace like that. Fat animals, short legs.