a big giant photo post

With the photos in alpha order -
because that's the way I upload them.

apartment therapy

I'm into apartment therapy lately. Even though we sold the apartment.


I like the starkness of this bathroom. Perhaps not for my actual home - but it's pretty cool.


A beautiful coat. From a Japanese designer. Not available in the rest of the world.


Also quite lovely.


Not available either. Just forget it.


This just makes me want to rough-stitch some stuff.


And charge hundreds of dollars for it.
Yeah. I've gotta get on that.

not Youngest

Doesn't this look like Youngest?
It isn't. It's Eliot wearing something from le vestaire de jeanne.




Aren't these soft rocks beautiful? They are furniture.
And I would throw out all of our furniture and ROCK THE HOUSE.


Except I can't.


Like it? Find someone to knit it for you - it's in Japan.


Our outdoor shower is plumbed like this. Who'd have thought we would be so minimalist chic?


We are finally putting together our plans for the bathroom. I like this sink.
K does not.


I photoshopped something out of this photo. Not very well, though. Tell me what it was.
I need new slippers.
I hate the ones I own and they WILL NOT DIE.


I love this.
I may have to buy it. IT IS AVAILABLE.


Although this ISN'T. Damn those amazing Japanese designers.

wolf paper and twine

I walked past this every morning for years. Isn't it wonderful? You could smell the paper and the twine. I could use some paper and some twine right now.


This is a nice idea for a wreath. I would have to find my hole punch. I have two of them. Both missing in action. Punching holes out there somewhere. Perhaps they are with the 5 sets of scissors that have gone missing.

The big boys are off to a club for a concert tonight.
Youngest and mom and I are going to grab a burger and watch Survivor.
But, for now, I'm off on the scooter with K...
those red cups are calling me.


Joke said…
Would it be treasonous to say I'm with K on the sink?

Badger said…
Dude, that looks like a prison bathroom. Don't drop the soap!

I like the end table thingie, though.
Keetha said…
I like the sink and love the side table, too.

So what did you PhotoShop out of the photo?
--erica said…
That bathroom scares me.

You must quit showing things that are not available here. I'm still haunted by those darned wool boots.

I can see you photoshopped out the plank. What else? Dirt. The DOG?

Perhaps you can just kill the slippers. Don't get any ideas about the DOG though.
Anonymous said…
a beer can?
Anonymous said…
You mean you just stand there in the wide open space and shower? Not even with a swimming suit on? That would make me CRAZY. And then I think I would LOVE it. The tub, not so much, though. No rounded edges = uncomfortable.

A good friend of mine with three young girls has a rough-stitched little doll with crazy red yarn hair and button eyes and little gingham dress. Long-stitched across here dress front is the phrase, "If you can't say anything nice, come sit by me," and it's their time-out doll. I love it.

You photoshopped the ghost out, of course.

I'm now dreaming of all of the things I could wrap with all of that paper and twine. Nice.

And I dislike all wallpaper.

The brown coat looks like a little girl's jumper.
Rae said…
I think I'm with K on the sink too, but I LOVE the bathroom and the jacket and all the clothes actually and the paper and twine photo makes me feel nostalgic for some reason.

A snickers wrapper?
Some unidentified liquid?
Paula said…
Okay, trying the comments, Part Two.

As I was saying when I was so rudely interupted by BLOGGER.

I'm with Erica, maybe you need to engineer a slipper mishap.
Anonymous said…
I like the rock furniture...very Flintstones.

BabelBabe said…
love that first coat - only you could pull off any of the others, I would loook stumpy and ridiculous. you would look fashionable and chic.

love the end table, am neutral on the sink.

give the slippers to goodwill and buy yourself a nice new pair. i have to say you photoshopped out the damn dog.
Caterina said…
"I photoshopped something out of this photo. Not very well, though. Tell me what it was." - I say it was a DOG.

Love the clothes and the bathroom (even the sink). None of the Japanese stuff is even available online? Sad. Those designers need to get global.
islaygirl said…
bb, i need to know, WHY do you hate the dog? you seem to gently and mercilessly snarky, you've got to really hate the dog since it doesn't even rate on your snark scale.

i love all the coats, esp the first.
Anonymous said…
I like the soft rocks.

This is the time of year for you (or somebody who's buying a present for you) to buy new slippers.
Caro said…
You photoshopped out the hair on your legs? :)
Anonymous said…
a tattoo!!!

well, maybe a can of something local.
Suse said…
I like the IDEA that you photoshopped out the dog, but actually I think it was that funny-ugly soft toy of Youngest's. I fancy I can still see its face in the wooden planks.

Also, all those coats look like maternity coats. and I adore them all.

So you want me to knit you some slippers?
Anonymous said…
I'm pretty sure it was the dog. And yes, why DO you hate the dog? Hmmmm?

And 1 more thing: where can I get that stool/end table thing?
blackbird said…
It was not MY dog, but it was a dog -
the ASS END of a dog.

The stool thing is from Room and Board -

No thank you to the kind offer of slippers...
kt said…
Oh darn, you've already told.

I was going to guess that it was a little ducky.

No, I don't know why, but that was my guess, ok?

Stop looking at me like that.
Susie Sunshine said…
I'm not sure showing children killed by rock furniture is the best way to market that particular product.......
Eddy DeMartino said…
you are a funny person. i enjoyed scrolling through this post.