around here lately...

a magical trip to town to meet K and shop

absolutely gorgeous fingerless gloves arriving in the post from my PILL

Oscar and his men have taken away all the leaves, our yard looks AWFUL

Oldest home for a couple of days

all three children asking for a big ticket item for christmas

we are on a bread making binge

two awful diagnoses for Youngest ruled out

last night, whilst watching a ballroom dancing competition and laughing our asses off there were two priceless of them was K showing us how the men walk --

getting a price for re-finishing the wood floors we learn that we would have to vacate for 6 days


Anonymous said…
ah...uh?...ohhh...yay...yeah!...pfeww....ha ha ha and...what???
Paula said…
Here's to Awful Diagnoses being Ruled Out!
robiewankenobie said…
oh, good news about youngest! i know that you don't focus on it much here, but it must be quite troubling (an understatement, i'm sure).

also? pleasetobeposting your favorite bread recipe. we are experimenting, as well.
Anonymous said…
"Whew" to the non-diagnoses.

We went skiing the last time we refinished a wood floor. It was that or we would have had to rappel up and down the outside of the house to get upstairs to the carpeted bedroom.
Anonymous said…
Make sure, if you do decide to re-finish your flooring, that it is allowed to fully dry between coats of polyurethane. It's trickier in winter to get it dried in humid climates. My sil just went through this, and they screwed up their floors. Had to be RE DONE - horror of horrors. So plan for an extra 3 days or so.
Who refinishes your high school basketball floors? I would hire that company. I think they use chemical strippers v. sanding, and put a super-hard finish on it.
We had a Swedish Glitsa finish put on our kitchen floor at the old house, and it held up 10 times better than the other finish. Maybe that it what they use on school gym floors? I dunno.
How's the new chair? Or do you have to wait for the darn thing to be built?! ACK - I despise Delayed Gratification.
Anonymous said…
And GREAT NEWS about Youngest! Lighting a soy candle for him right now.
Mscellania again. Blogger is making me anon
Joke said…
Whew, indeed!

KPB said…
Woohoo for youngest
Awww for oldest
teehee for K
hmmm for the floors.
pirata segreto said…
Loving your blog, love the mini wine reviews and the post about the COUS seeing as I am having that very problem myself right now, happy for your good news and, may I ask, what kind of camera you use? My digital just bit it.
Suse said…
Six days? Hmmm, you'd better come and stay here. I'll knit the whole family fingerless gloves!

Suse said…
PS. A soy candle, mscellania?

Anonymous said…
Gotta love the stresses of the holidays! Don't forget to make time to enjoy it :)
Rae said…
I'm so glad that the awful diagnoses have been ruled out! Yum, bread, and why will it take six days?