another wine review

mroad red use

Main Road Red, which, if they knew what they were doing, they would have named: MAIN LINE RED, on account of I feel like, after just tow little glasses, I swear, only two, like I;ve mainlined some kinda stuff.
It's a little wangy. What? you don't say wangy where you come from?

I'm going to the mall tomorrow and I'm getting a Bobbi Brown lipstick.


thas a cute truck.


Suse said…
That is serious wangy wine when it results in two spelling mistakes in one short post.
Badger said…
Some interesting punctuation, too. Hee!
Bec said…
Errr, yes, that's a lovely truck dear.

Did you get a nice sleep in after this one?

Oh, and I don't know wangy.

But I've recently started using wadge.

Is that a common one or will only Australian watchers of The Glasshouse know what I'm talking about?
kilowatthour said…
heeeeeee! LOVE the truck. and the slurred speech. i do laugh when philip says, "it has a little wang to it." wang. heh.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like I could use some of this instead of Nyquil, right? Yum!
BabelBabe said…
drink more, darling. must have been some yummy stuff!
Susie Sunshine said…
I have now stolen "wangy" as my newest drunken word.

What shade lipstick? Inquiring minds want to know!
Anonymous said…
Just found your blog today - I'm a wine lover who buys her wine based upon the label. LOVE this label. Must get me some!! Thanks!