adult advent calendars

Each year my FAOA* sends my boys advent calendars.
She always checks to see if one or more of them will think it is too 'babyish.'
But they never feel that way and so, at the end of November, they receive them and enjoy them until Christmas.
Oldest stopped receiving one a couple of years ago - and when Middle moves out he will too.
Fortunately we still have Youngest, who has more advent calendar years ahead of him.

I was talking to my Aunt on the phone today and she mentioned that she had bought them:
You'll have to tell me which one should be for which is Peanuts and I forget what the other one is...
And with those words, a brilliant idea flashed upon me.
Adult themed advent calendars.
Now, just wait a minute - they don't have to be smutty(or they could), but they could reflect adult interests.
Sure pin-up girls would be okay for, you know, gentlemen in the armed services, but what about an advent calendar for the gourmand in your life?
Different cheese and wine pairings?
Exotic cars?
For the mystery lover, the clues to a crime scene!
For a crossword lover, missing letters to a puzzle -
why has no one thought of this?


* Favorite and only aunt.


Anonymous said…
Mine would have a chocolate behind each door. Somebody's already invented it.
Anonymous said…
Witness please...

Needs work, but the potential is certainly there.

Make mine cheese please.
Priscilla said…
Oh yes! Adult advent calenders! I love advent calenders and would love one with recipes, quilt squares, gardening, like seeds or something behind each door. Yes, yes, yes.
Badger said…

It's brilliant.

My mom gives the kids their Advent calendars every Thanksgiving. It's a tradition now, or something.
--erica said…
real chocolate.
Anonymous said…
We'll do the design work. Let's go for it...
Anonymous said…
Starbucks has them. With chocolates.
Anonymous said…
I love those German Advent calendars with the colorful Christmas scene on the front--and the little chocolates behind each door. We had them as kids, and now my kids get them every December as well.

Adult-themed Advent calendars would be fun...Fill mine with some cool make-up and nice-smelling lotions...I'll buy one. Or maybe two!
Anonymous said…
WTF is an advent calendar? Yes, I'm a heathen. Of course I can figure it out from the context here, but really.. not much call for them 'round these parts, ma'm.

Although I can see the value in the chocolate one.
Anonymous said…
Check this out. It's a start, anyway.