tis the season

I took Youngest to the party store the other day - to figure out his Halloween costume.
I have, for many years, made intricate (every feather of an eagle for 5 year old Oldest), amusing (a pickle for Middle) and cinematic (Igore from Young Frankenstein for Youngest) costumes for my children but for the past couple of years the kids have drifted towards things like 'deranged superhero' which required easily procured props (a spatula, a utility belt and an old cape) from the party store.
And so we wandered the aisles looking for something to delight him.
Many things were considered. And he was especially amused with this but he's going solo to the party.
After walking past the jabbering tiki heads several times he came upon a scythe and his eyes twinkled.
A little further down the aisle there was a set of large black feathered wings - and suddenly it all became clear.
He decided to be the angel of death. In street clothes.
And so, with these things purchased he proceeded to tickle me with death jokes for the rest of the day.


"The black plague wasn't so bad. For me."

"Hey. Who killed the party? Oops. My bad."

I was delighted when he was invited to a party. He doesn't feel too old to go trick or treating but many of his friends feel too old to go. And I definitely feel too old to take him.
But the kids invited to the party are meeting to trick or treat before the party which is perfect.

I'll be home alone.

I don't know what Middle has planned.
And I'm not sure I want to know.
He did ask me to pick up two pints of fake blood for him at the party store -which I did.

I suggested that he go as Carrie at the prom. I could comb thrift shops for the dress.
But he nixed it.
I can tell he's got something planned though - I'll try to get some pictures.

With his help, we did the decorations...


he seemed awfully good at it.


And, at one point, he impatiently said: mom, this isn't the first time you've tp'd a house is it?

tp trees


kilowatthour said…
again i say: your kids are great. middle is looking quite the rocker/art student. youngest cracks me up.

you're pretty cool, too.
Jennifer said…
You're kids are something else :)
" Mom this isn't the first time you tp'd a house is it?" hahaha what did you say to that!
Badger said…
Wait. You TP your OWN trees? Is that like a preemptive strike kind of thing?

My boy child will also be wielding a scythe on Halloween. All the cool kids are doing it.
Anonymous said…
Ah, toilet paper and fake blood...it doesn't get any better than that.
Anonymous said…
You TP your house in advance? Must be some kind of weird Tuvaluan custom, eh?
Amy A. said…
Pray for rain. That way you won't have to clean up the paper, it will just desolve!

Everything is looking fun over there!
Anonymous said…
Sounds and looks like major fun in Tuvalu.
Youngest is developing into quite a HamBone. I r.e.a.l.l.y. like that about him.
Katy said…
Its already been beat to death, so I'm sorry, but to impress upon you the importance of an explanation...

You premptively TP your house? Do you egg your garage door too?
Anonymous said…
I once TP'd the house of a former beau. He dumped me while en route to spend the night at his ex's house. It wasn't my idea to do it; my friends showed up at my door with a car full of toilet paper and their hearts full of malice.

Age at the time? I was 27.

I've never been so satisfied in my life. No wonder children are so happy all the time, they do ridiculous things like TP the homes of people they don't like. Great fun.
BabelBabe said…
It probably helps that Middle is like, what? A foot taller than you?

And again, I adore Youngest and I am digging on his cool wings!
Angela said…
And once again, I shall say: You are The Coolest Mom Ever.
celestial opus said…
You did it! You really really did it! I thought it was a joke.

I can't get over it, you really did it. I heart the blackbird family.