So, remember?
Cristina had been slated to go - but Stephannie mentioned wanting mashed potatoes and it proved to be her swan song.
14 survivors are left - I don't know how many days remain.

Cristina's feelings are hurt.
The team said she was a bitch, and she may well be.
She picks a fight and Adam takes the bait.
She just doesn't get it, "this is SO hard, I mean, I've been shot!"

Ozzy and Jonathan are fishing.
And they are very good at it.
They get another big octopus - just in time to hear that there is a reward challenge for a feast.
There is a big debate over whether or not to bring the immunity idol to a reward challenge.
And it gets heated.
Cao Boi feels that the idol is 'a member of the team.'
Most people feel that Cao Boi is a bit of a freak -

The challenge, and it was the only one of the evening, is especially grueling.
One member of each team wraps him/herself around a pole about the size of a telephone pole.
Sitting or standing (I think they all sat) and hanging on for dear life they must avoid being ripped off the pole, dragged through the sand, and across the opposing teams line.
The winners will feast, BUT at tribal council.
Where BOTH teams will go and vote someone out.
The twist is that the winners will go first, feast and listen to the losing teams meeting.
(I couldn't see how this might be advantageous, but there is a further twist to come.)

Mom doesn't like this challenge - and it is awfully physical...there is choking (not allowed) and hair pulling (not allowed) and all kinds of contortions and clothing grabbing (apparently allowed).
Watching it, I am completely convinced that board shorts is the way I would personally go as a tribe member. Long board shorts.

iTunes win -
and are proud of it.
And so, they are told, it will be lamb shanks and cider for all!
Wait. Lamb shanks and cider????

After the challenge, but before the twin tribal councils, Cao Boi wakes from a nap and tells Yul of his complicated dream of credit card applications and is sure that this is a sign from the gods to go with a voodoo plan to break alliances.
I tried to follow the logic of this plan, because Yul seemed to get it - but I got lost.

At Raro they eating well, and, as Mom points out, we realize that no one has a crappy camp.
Everyone seems to sleep pretty well, the weather is good and there are plenty of fish in the sea.
But Cristina knows she is OUT.
The team mulls it over...if they keep her, she would be forever indebted to them.
But, they wonder, who else would they vote off?
Wait. Who IS Jenny?
Jenny is the woman who I have been calling Becky for what? a month?
(Just go back and read all my previous re-caps for this season and change the name Becky to Jenny and then all will be well.)

Back at iTunes -
is it time for Cao Boi to go? WE certainly think so.
What about Jonathan? The team feel that he is a sneaky pete.
And Plan Voodoo? What the hell is up with that?
Does that mean Jonathan/Alan Alda voice will go?

So it's off to tribal -
Cao Boi brings the immunity idol and Jeff is all up in his face over it...
Cao and Jonathan argue over who has a leadership role in the team and Cao Boi gets voted off.
Big greasy lamb shanks for everyone!
With cider!

Raro arrive -
K points out that this whole episode is 'just stupid.'
I asked him for something more eloquent, and he added that it was 'boring as hell."
I do agree that it was a stupid feast -
But here's the final twist:
as iTunes has won the challenge and are feasting away while Raro must vote someone out, iTunes gets to kidnap one of the Raros - giving them part of the feast, saving them from the vote and having them on the team until the next challenge.
I liked this twist and iTunes pick Nate, the guy I have a little crush on.
And who goes home?
Cristina, of course.

Mom shuffled home to her apartment (in a future post I will regale you with her pre-op questionaire!) and K and I shut off the lights and went up to bed.
As we flipped the channels and I checked my mail, Joan Cusack and her twisted mug/flapping hands came on the screen.
And that may have been what led to my odd dreams of raw chicken and clowns.


Amy A. said…
I really have nothing to say or add, although I always appreciate your re-cap.

I just could not resist being the first commenter.

Happy day to all!
Badger said…
I hated that challenge. HATED IT.

And why would they not save Cristina from the vote? I mean, I love Nate too and all, but isn't that what you're supposed to do? Save the one you know they want to vote off?

I don't geddit.
Anonymous said…
The Joan? Is not aging gracefully. She needs a bit more meat on her bones, or somethin.
--erica said…
Yes, definately board shorts!
christa said…
i echo your "HUH?!?" with the lamb shanks and cider? WTF? it's almost as if the producers decided at the last minute, "oh! with that nutty challenge and all, we FORGOT we'd actually have to give a reward! quick! what kind of food do we have on hand?? hey! there's a sheep!"

christa said…
ooh, sorry for the double-comment action, but i just read something interesting in entertainment weekly: a little sidebar called "the tribe as acted."

sekou appeared in "coming to america". adam was on MTV's "the grind." sundra was on "sex and the city" (as samatha's black boyfriend's bitchy sister).

jonathan was on BOTH "the tick" (steve philbert and alterego champion) and "arrested development" (the cop who questions michael about kitty's disappearance).

and ozzie was on a playboy reality dating show called "foursome". he had sex with two women.