strange, I know, but I completely forgot that I watched Survivor

I did.
I was checking in on my bloglines, which is working out pretty well, and planning my day (must get Power Of Attorney stamped, pack up Youngest for weekend retreat and deliver him) and gazing around blankly at my drafted posts.
Then, as I was making the bed, I spied my notes from last night.
And so...

they merged and divided and now are two teams ( I am somehow linked to this which provides a wonderful re-cap) this season rats seem to be filling in for snakes as the symbol of, um, being a rat.
Ozzy feels like crap. He 'doesn't want to play along.' FINE, I say, let him go home.
Candice returns from exile island and pretends she doesn't know why she was sent there (which, it would appear, was to save her from being voted off - and I didn't think of that either!).

At Raro, the blue team boys are sitting around while the womens do all the work. Does this piss the womens off? Yes.
But it makes the menfolk feel strong and mention testosterone.

Time for a challenge and it's an obstacle course. But only two team members from each tribe will do it and they will be tied together while the rest of their teams sort of push and pull them through the obstacles. There is a swimming portion, towards the end, and then some code breaking. So. Physical AND mental. The winners get pillows and blankets and a hammock.

I'm taking a moment here to ask: WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THE HIGH SOCKS?
I really am not getting what's going on here. I suppose I will google it - for all I know it is a show of solidarity for cotton farmers.

Raro disagree on strategy and lose ground in the challenge -
iTunes have a stronger swimmer -
iTunes win and send Adam to exile island.
I don't know who Adam is.

Walking back to camp Cao Boi spots a booby nest and 'lets the little boy get the best of him' and the next thing we know, Mr. Cool McZenman has practically killed a baby bird and destroyed its nest. Jonathan (IS he a producer? anyone? Bueller?) is in tears. And we all see Cao Boi for the asshole he is. Which you would THINK would be the foreshadowing to his being evicted....

At this point K came home from work and I went to discuss his dinner and the events of the day and I missed some stuff, but it's early - we'll all live.
Upon my return there is an immunity challenge and Adam (who I SWORE Jeff said would not return until Tribal Council) returns.
The teams must build a stretcher, free a shackled tribe member, swim, and build a fire.
iTunes does well - Raro loses and one of the women gets slashed in the hand during the fire building - but we don't see anything about that again. (hmmm)

Stephannie feels responsible for the loss - she has not built fire fast enough and she's all down on herself.
Her team decides that they will vote her off as she's basically offered herself up - but that they will not discuss it and let her leave with respect.
But the girls don't want her to go - they want to rule the roost (see earlier paragraph about the boys sitting around all the time) and they want to vote out JP who has established himself as a leader type of guy.
And Stephannie realizes that she was just harshing on herself and wants to stay! (word. I'm dropping the lingo now)
And so the women discuss it and decide - only Pavarti (which is like havarti but with a P) isn't sure. And she's wearing a bikini. And she thinks it could be a mistake to vote out a boy.

There is a lot of discussion at Tribal.
Jeff asks a lot of meaningful questions.
And the women blow the lid off this baby and send JP home.
He proclaims himself outwitted - and he just may be right.

I would, under normal circumstances, wrap this thing up and make the bed and pack the suitcase and blahblahblah...
but I find myself COMPELLED to mention the Joan Cusack Travel Channel program that K and I endured after Survivor last night.

I like Joan.
I like the Travel Channel,
and I like food shows -
so, I figured, what's not to like about this new show?
It's JOAN -


Tall and thin and funny and quirky - I LIKE JOAN.
But, wait...what's with the horrible horrible accent?
Why is she talking like that?
Does she appear to be, um, crawling into herself?


She's all eyebrows and teeth and her hands seem to be possessed by the devil and acting against her.
She contorts her face horribly when she speaks!
And her clothes look so uncomfortable -
and she's speaking to French people too loudly, and as though they are mentally challenged - and I'm pretty sure the people she's speaking with are the leaders in the fields of bread and cheese and gastronomy in France.
she droned on and acted like an imbecile whilst flapping her hands about for AN HOUR.


Poor poor Joan.
Off to Portugal next week...

so there you have it -
virtually three, well, almost three content-wise, posts this morning.

I think I'll take tomorrow off.


Joan said…
Tall and thin and funny and quirky - I LIKE JOAN.

.. why thank you.

But, wait...what's with the horrible horrible accent?
Why is she talking like that?

Because I'm Canadian .. ey
Amy A. said…
I think the high socks have something to do with bug bites. It couldn't be for the fashion statement, could it?
Badger said…
I have possessed hands too, and I love Joan, so I will have to try to catch this show. The accent could be a dealbreaker, though.

Ozzy can go home ANY DAY NOW.
Paula said…
I think sometimes when actors are just themselves and not a character, all their insecurities come out.
Jennifer said…
Oh blackbird... I thought we were friends. Why oh why did you have to do that to me? I can not stand even the sight of that woman. Her voice makes my skin crawl and I cringe to think that this woman ever needs to laugh. I know it sounds horrible doesn't it. I don't know why I hate her so much, I just can't stand her. My husband laughs at me about it.

I guess it's kinda like this. If you know my love for Brad Pitt, and then turn that completly around you'll have Joan. YIKES!

I think that just may be the oddest thing about me.
christa said…
huh. i hadn't even considered socks as mosquito repellant. you might be on to something. HOWEVER! what horrid tan lines!

how is havarti pronounced? i'm confused. i thought it was huh-VAR-tee. doesn't pavarti pronounce her name PAR-vuh-tee?

if i were on survivor, i think i'd bring cheese as my luxury item.
tut-tut said…
I watched Joan, too; I was just so so sorry that this was just one long advertisement, rather than a travelogue, as I am an inveterate armchair traveler. I want adventure and advice—not one long commercial.
Anonymous said…
That was a virtuoso display of blogging, there, baby. Havarti and Mr. Cool McZenman. Ha!
Anonymous said…
I totally agree with you...normally, I love Joan, but that show was so bad. I only watched one segment before I tired of it.