so, we, blogger, oh, damn it! so...oh forget it.


BabelBabe said…
yeah, wtf is up with blogger?
Tammy said…
I couldn't have said it better myself!
Anonymous said…
it must be all this beta bandwagon jumping.

which is what i had already typed and then was promptly kicked out of regular blogger so I could sign into beta. )#(*$$%+#$#!!
Suse said…
Er ... lost and confused.

What's going on? Did I miss something important?
Paula said…
I'm with Suse.

What is going on?
Anonymous said…
It's all Mightily Confusing.
I thought I was So Clever.
I was cutting n pasting to save comments when I had to re-log on due to blogger beta. Then I put my chair comment in YOUR blog into BabelBabe's comment section in HER blog. Causing More Mighty Confusion. And no ability to edit.
The powers that be, they dangle the carrots, we nibble, and get whupped upside the head.