show and tell

Things are finally in full swing here at the house o'weenies.
The children are nestled all snug in their schools (and have undergone several emergency procedure drills thankyouverymuch*) and the after school routine of dentist, orthodontist, homework, skate in the town, music lessons has resumed.
Yesterday was our first lesson with the Russian since June and some of us were happy to see him.
Most notably, the dog was happy to see him as she gets a juicy cornstarch-dipped-in-gravy-and-dyed-red bone to munch on on the front lawn whilst he teaches in the living room.
As I ruthlessly sent the piano away, the Russian was forced to bring his electronic keyboard with him to teach the boys. Without it he usually sings the instrumental music and, let me tell you, you don't want him doing that.
Youngest's lesson went okay - he is resistant to lessons right now, but I've been through THIS before so onward we plow...
But Middle! Well, I hate to be tooting Middle's horn all the time (ha ha, music joke) - but Middle sounded very very different. More mature...
At first I thought the Russian was teaching Middle the chicken dance song - but then Middle began to riff off it (is that the right terminology?) and it was the chicken dance song gone jazz.
The Russian was suitably impressed and there was much Bravo boy! and Well done! which the Russian does not offer up freely.

And so, it is fitting that Suse has asked to see musical instruments for show and tell.
I'm not even sure I got them all...


Middle's sax.


Youngest's trumpet - both of these instruments are from the wonder that is ebay.

trash guitar

Oldest's guitar from the trash - I think.

red guitar

Also Oldest's - but I don't know where it's from.

Oldest's fender

Oldest's blue Fender...

blue guitar

Some blue guitar that ended up at our house (many Tuvalan teenagers ask for guitars and then never play them - this often results in the 'get it out of my house, you never play it' syndrome, which Oldest has profited greatly from), not to be confused with THIS blue guitar which is Oldest's Fender Jag Stang which we gave him for his twenty first birthday...

the jag

and which lies in state.

Oldest's acoustic

He has an acoustic too.

And here is my brother's shoe.

my brother's shoes

Still with me?

k's electrics

These are two of K's guitars. TWO! Okay?

And this is Middle's drum set.

the kit


I'm exhausted now.

Today I will make an apple crumble/cobbler thing and do some ironing and pick my mother up from the airport -
and then I will make porterhouse steaks and we will eat them and watch Survivor.


I'll talk to you later.

*I haven't in a while, but yesterday I dutifully quizzed both boys regarding emergency procedures at their school. Youngest politely, and with a professorial tone, explained the meeting places for each of the emergency drills and thoughtfully added that they would depend on the level of emergency. Middle sat right down across from me and looked me in the eye:
Yeah, he said, I know it's level one: lockdown, level two: football field, level three: behind the gym, but I'm telling you now, if we ever go to level two, I'm outta there.
So. Things are well in hand.


Paula said…
What a musical life you lead!

An apple crumble-y thing sounds like it might just be the thing for a foggy, cold day such as we have here.

Middle is a kick!

I'm up.
Anonymous said…
ya know what i take away from that post? your borthers have the same shoes? how is that possible? when one is the saavyist (did I spell that right? ) of consumers, and one is an almost hippie outdoor educator.

I would love ot know what he thinks of them? as I have a very strong opinion, but will hold it till we can chat!

Anonymous said…
Hang on. What kind of music comes outta that shoe?
celestial opus said…
like bro's shoe. Does that come in a girly type?

How are you not going out of your mind with all those guitars around?! And most importantly, why don't you have a family band yet? "The Blackbirds", and you can travel around in matching volvos. Perhaps it would come with a wardrobe budget so you can make some dreams realities?
Amy A. said…
I've got music, I've got rhythm...
over at my place! I'm up.
Sarah Louise said…
well I missed the boat...and I don't have any musical instruments...see you next week.
Anonymous said…
You're such a good mom. I love your kids. Your brother's shoe? eh. But those kids are great.
Bec said…
Your Middle really is the classic stereotype of Sensible Middle Child, isn't he?

Sensible Middle Child of Many Many Guitars.

I take it brother is a foot-tapper? there ever a dull moment at your house?

Do you own earplugs?

Or dancing shoes?
--erica said…
My house seems oddly quiet after reading your post!

I'm up.. just one tiny sad musical instrument at our house!
BabelBabe said…
I am NOT up because the thought of photographing all the guitars and drums and whatnot at my house made me tired. But now, you have put me to shame. And I will post something soon. I swear. Probably just one though. Because my husband? JUST my husband? Owns six guitars at last count.
BabelBabe said…
also? Middle is smart. They always say, Run. RUN, RUN, RUN if you are in danger. Do NOT comply. Smart boy. Get the hell outta there.

How does one talk about this with a five-year-old, however? I hate the world in which we live, and have to deal with this.
Caterina said…
Wow. A very musical family/household INDEED. I really enjoyed your post! applause applause

I totally forgot about S&T Thursday, not that I would've been truly able to play since I don't own a musical instrument. Yes, sad sad.
jenny said…
I feel like an underacheiver posting a picture of my son's recorder. Which is the only instrument in our tuneless household.

Remember when all we had to worry about was an occasional fire drill...
Suse said…
Wow, you must spend a lot on guitar strings in your monthly budget.