The report:

K is cooking a big meal for his sister and her family.
The house is pretty clean -
I spent half a day cleaning the range hood.
I know I've mentioned it before, but it's a bitch of a job.

hood from afar

The Offending Hood Of The Range.

I usually let the grease build up a bit.
It takes a few months, depending on what we cook.


And then I wait for K to grill something especially, um, odoriferous.
This time it was salmon, in some kind of soy glaze. I think.
And what happens is: the grease from up inside the hood starts to drip -
what with the high heat on the grill pan below.


It drips from the seams on the sides of the underside of the hood.
Not a lot. But enough to be infuriating.

hood close

See? From those seams.
My focus is off, but everything is a metaphor isn't it?

Sometimes I have to go at it with a toothpick - or a piece of paper.
I don't think this speaks highly for my personality.

Anyway, it's clean.

And he's cooking.

We've brought in the lemon tree.
No flowers this year.
K says he didn't give it any fertilizer and that pretty much sums up how we cared for our yard . It looks terrible and I will need to call O and his men to work things out.
The tree was inside for a week or so, dropping its leaves in the living room...


when I noticed the buds.

lemon blossom

Go figure.

schedule ruler

I did up a new schedule for Middle in the hopes of taping inside the kitchen cabinet so I'd have a list of his classes. Somehow it got into his hands and I no longer have it. The days of the week run A through F, I think. And an A day is not rotates, and if there is a monday off they sometimes begin the cycle on tuesday, but not necessarily with an A day, or even a B day -
just so you know.
When Oldest was in high school he attended an 'alternative school' but took driver's
education at the regular school but only on certain days of the week. Each morning I would hear him call one of his friends to ask what day of the week it was. Not being aware of the A through F cycle I assumed that this was part of Oldest's personality - one of the ways he adjusted to the world around him.
Turns out, he was just trying to figure out the A through E system, which is considerably harder to do when you are off campus.

But it is ALL a metaphor, isn't it.


Jennifer said…
Yes I can see how that could be one heck of a clean up job. Have you ever thought of getting a hand held steam cleaner to get in the cracks?
Badger said…
Holy crap, if my kids' middle/high school is like that, with the scheduling, the boy child is going to need a full-time aide.
Major Bedhead said…
My kids had that 6 day week thing and it confused the hell out of me. I don't quite get the purpose of it, to be honest.
Anonymous said…
Our kids have A-F days, too. We keep their schedules on our fridge.

I think one of the reasons the schools do it is that it's often the Monday classes that get missed when there's a holiday. Also, they can fit more classes into a cycle if you have six days to work with instead of five.

Problems come when you're trying to mix a school with A-F days with life that's on M-F days.
Anonymous said…
I sympathise in advance as that exact venthood has resided (for 2 YEARS) on the floor of our garage waiting for husband,the anal engineer, to get the cladding for the pipes made in stainless steel. Mine, you see, will have to hang from my ceiling as my cooker is in an island. I am 6 burners and a griddle, so we're talking 7 linear feet of cleaning fun. let me tell you though that it sure as hell will beat cleaning EVERYTHING in my kitchen CONSTANTLY because no vent hood means greasse settles on EVERYTHING, then the dust, then the prolific spiders webs.
Also, my lemon tree, no buds this year either! I've brought it into the green house where it begins doing exactly as your sdoes, dropping the leaves. I'm hoping my buds start soon as well, Meyer Lemons are winter fruit, not a summer one, so we might be on schedule.
A-F? Who on earth decided to rearrange the days of the week?

Anonymous said…
Oh my god. For whatever reason i have never seen your kitchen stove and range hood. I am green with envy. It is the most beautiful thing ever.

I think the 6 day week, at least in canada, comes from the teachers having so many learning outcomes to meet and not enough time to squeeze it all in, hence the crazy rotating schedules.
tut-tut said…
I just love those plate racks. And white plates, too—so chic!

That is one massive hood; what kind of drawing power does it have?
KPB said…
OK, I've collected myself from the swoon I was having over your whole stove/range set-up. (DIVINE)

But I went to a school that ran Day 1 through Day 7 - it was fantastic. The mentality behind it is that public holidays (that largely fall on a Monday and Friday) would mean you would miss those classes too much (this is probably a hang-over from when there were A LOT more public holidays in a year) so this way, if there's a holiday or whatever, you don't always miss the same classes.
KPB said…
For the big nerd that I am, the system made me feel very grown up and responsible.
Anonymous said…
re the range hood. thatis why in restaurants they coat the entire thing. all of it. hood, range, oven fryers, in tinfoil.

then instead of speding time cleaning, they just pull the foil and redo it.

what? you don't want to foil your entire kitchen?

Anonymous said…
Yes, your hood is gorgeous. Yes, the schedule is crazy. Blah, blah, blah.

More importantly, WE have the same salt and pepper grinders you do.

I saw them.

By the stove.

Lookin' all purty.
Unknown said…
3 comments in one!

First, if you haven't already, go to your local janitorial supply company (look in the phone book) and get yourself some commercial degreaser. It will clean that range hood in half the time. It's miraculous how that stuff works. It's made for restaurants (oh, they do carry it in restaurant supply houses, too) so it is very strong.

Two, My kids attend high school with A-J blocks and they NEVER can remember what day it is. Because it's fricking complicated, with one block being a 'long' block of 72 minutes per day, that rotates days 1-5. I have no clue of how to figure it out. None.

THree, Meyer lemons ARE winter fruit and this is just about when they should be budding. We had outdoor meyer lemons in CA and they fruited in January-February. They're the best lemons. I've never tried to grow one indoors and I live north of you, but still in the same basic climate. Do you leave yours outdoors in winter? Or do you bring it in and leave it in a sunny window? Or on a porch? I'd love to try one indoors. We have tons of summer sun, but it's COLD in Boston in the winter. I'd love to know how you do it. And where you got your tree.
Anonymous said…
Oh bb, you brought a back a good memory of my guys at school - their days were numbered 1 through 10 and one was always asking the other "What day is it?" Too funny.

Bet your fingers are sore this morning from all that scrubbing. The foil overcoat sounds mighty appealing.
--erica said…
yes, the range hood is impressive..
I'm distracted by your perfect handwriting though. PERFECT!!!
the small blossom, such a gentle reminder to breath.
celestial opus said…
From my teenage days working in fast food - we always had the cleaning down to a science for the least amount of effort with the best outcome.

Put together a solution of commercial degreaser and hot hot HOT water in you large abundant beautiful sink, and drob those bad boys in. While those soak, spray down the rest of the hood with the same degreaser (watch your eyes)and wait until it's dripping ooze in full force before wiping away. If you spray in the itty bitty cracks and let it drip enough, no need for toothpickage. Follow with a wipe down of a hot soapy rag, then if needed, a hot rinse rag, and you're done! Oh, don't forget to rinse off those racks and put them back in, but you would have figured that out.

And the plate racks with the range/hood combo. Very cool. Very.
Anonymous said…
Nice hood. I usually let the husband do the work on our cooker hood, because it is indeed a beeatch of a job.

Anyway, about the lemon tree. I read somewhere that if you deprive a plant of water so that it thinks it's dying, it will flower. Because it needs to reproduce, because it thinks it's dying, it will throw everything it's got into producing seeds. Hence, the lemon buds. Of course, it thinks it's dying because it is already pretty near death and needs some TLC.

Same exact thing happened to my clematis this year. I ignored it, thinking it needed no help as it was making all these flowers and it was something complicated that I should just let mother nature get on with. It died.