odds and percentages

Turns out there were many people with the same birthday at K's office yesterday.
Many people.
But, I guess, with 700 employees, the odds are good.
He had a truck load of cake and left early (5:00) so that we could go out for sushi.
Oldest came home (he's staying at the house he's working at about 45 minutes from here) and we were all in fine form.

kids at dinner

Our waiter was adorable -
K asked if there was any hamachi kama when we sat down and it caused a wee stir with the help.
They knew a decent palate was in their midst. Plus we told them it was his birthday.
Yeah, said Youngest, if it's got eyes, my dad will eat it. Cow face, pig face, fish face, whatever.
hamachi kama

We laughed and joked through most of the dinner.
When Oldest ordered sake the waiter said: oh you kidding right? you little guy, not old enough... Oldest proudly produced his license. And drank his sake. And gave his father an expensive gift. AND left us happily to return to work.

Middle was quiet, but sat next to me. (she smiles)

It was Youngest who was the life of the party -
Youngest, who was in tears in the afternoon after an upsetting visit to the doctor (tests, x-rays, scary prospects) and halloween shopping, who kept us in stitches.
He has been crafting his humor for the past year or so and has recently fallen into step with the rest of us - making fun just a little, not hurting anyone's feelings. It can be a fine line.

Although we all knew that the fried ice cream can be terrible at this particular restaurant, we acquiesced when our sweet waiter offered it 'on the house' for K's birthday -
they shut off a row of ceiling lights, everyone in the place sang, and we laughed some more...

fried ice cream crop

As Oldest was getting ready to leave he said:
You know, it was kind of quiet in here when we arrived - I think we lightened the mood up in this place a lot!

And K, anxious for his children to not be so loud or disruptive said:
Well, I don't know about a lot, we may have bothered some people...

Oldest: Well some, I mean, we were pretty funny.

K: Okay, yeah, some, I guess...

Youngest: So, 35%. Let's just call it 35%.



Badger said…
You will let me know if you ever want to swap kids, right?
Elan Morgan said…
Happy Belated Birthday, K! It sounds like you folks had a wonderful time.
Anonymous said…
What a sweet, sweet family you guys are....
Lauri said…
35%! I love it!

Happy Birthday, K!
Anonymous said…
bb and family rockin' out the local sushi joint--the other 65%? They'll come around. Give it time.
Anonymous said…
your boys! All so cute!

and what's with all the faces? bb - you're freaking me out.

In twenty years, when your family is looking through stacks of old photos, they'll see all these half face crop shots and say "aw, remember when you were in that blog phase? I wonder what the other half of me looked like..."
Anonymous said…
Happy family birthdays are so lovely. I am really enjoying the glimpses of your family both over the course of the year or so I've been reading in words, and now bit by bit in photos.

I hope the pulmonary doc can help. I'm a person with asthma, not a mom of a kid with asthma, which I imagine as being extraordinarily frightening.
Joke said…
Is there anything better than foodies going out to eat? No.

Anonymous said…
So uplifting and inspiring.
That's the family I would love to have, except I don't have the guts to have other children!
Hope Youngest will solve his problems, I have a share of asthmatic people in my husband's family so I know what it's like.
Sake. I love Oldest. And Middle next to you. Precious, uh?
Geggie said…
Hey! My birthday is the 25th too! K and I have the same birthday! It was a great day!
Anonymous said…
Sorry I'm late but Happy Birthday K. Looks like a good time was had by all.