October 10

October 10th was the two year anniversary of my blog.
Two years of writing here.
Two years of you reading.
I am still/always torn - hits? audience? my beloved core group of commenters?
I've made awfully nice friends, met some in person - I'm planning on going to BlogHer and meeting more.
I was recently outed a little bit, here in Tuvalu, and was nervous. But nothing came of it.
Sometimes I am so pleased when people don't give a crappe about blogs, other times I want the attention.
Mostly I focus on my real life -

Youngest is well and happy at school and is moving into the realm of young teen. He is more social and runs with a slightly older crowd at church. He's got a couple of buddies who skate with him.

Middle is stepping quietly through school as is his nature. He has become very accomplished on the drums and is now re-studying guitar. I know he wishes I'd let him quit the saxophone. He has a huge circle of friends, mostly girls, but no girlfriend.

Oldest has been working with a local construction contractor. I believe he loves it. He is presently working and staying in a fancy schmancy house about 45 minutes from here - he calls in to tell his dad about things. I like that.

My mom has retired and is the president of the housing committee in the building in which she lives. She is very busy with this and I am pleased for her. She is having cataract surgery next month and I am looking forward to being helpful. She helps me all the time, it will be nice to switch roles.

K is in the shower. His work is, by turns, stultifying and corporate and other times he has his fingers in many pies. It is not the thrill ride of his previous freelance and yet that is comforting too.

We had dinner last night with friends who K used to work with.
They have lost their business.
They have a gorgeous house and a warm, close family.
It became a magnified moment wherein I saw what I needed to see.

Today I am off to a birthday party.
My friend B is turning 40. (finally!)
Twenty women have been invited for lunch.
For two weeks I racked my brain for what to bring her.
She has so much...three boys a pretty house, a terrific husband...
Bath products?
Something for her home?
A certificate for a facial?
I thought about it for days.
And shopped several times but came home with nothing.
Yesterday I was in a little boutique with K. It was full of things I would have been happy to receive -
and I knew she would too.
But K showed me this, and it just seemed right.

Picture 5

I lifted this from Andrea at Superhero.
It's a great quote for today.

Suffering is not holding you.

You are holding suffering.
When you become good at the art of letting sufferings go, then you'll come to realize how unnecessary it was for you to drag those burdens around with you. You'll see that no one else other than you was responsible.
The truth is that existence wants your life to become a festival.



Anonymous said…
Happy Blogiversary.

Thanks for the quote. It's a keeper.
Anonymous said…
That was gorgeous, sweetheart. Thanks. There seems to be so much unnecessary suffering going on in blog world. It's hard to know how to help.

It's very scary being outed, isn't it? I recently discovered that a client of mine reads my blog which almost stopped me dead in my tracks. But, so far so good.
Badger said…
Happy belated bloggiversary!

My brother worked in construction (as a carpenter) for several years, with a friend's father. It was very good for him.
sara said…
Happy Anniversary...

You're a good friend. I'm sure your buddy will love that gift -- it's absolutely beautiful and perfect.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad I found your blog, blackbird. I like reading about your boys and what you are up to. Your writing has voice, and it's a voice that I enjoy hearing.
Amy A. said…
It's so good to stop, look back and take stock of life.

I've only been a reader for less than half the time, so I'm going to go back and read the archives. Something to look foward to this week!

Happy Blogoverary.
Bec said…
Happy two years.

That is a wonderful gift. Maybe a two-year blogiversary warrants a wee present too?
kilowatthour said…
happy birthday, say la vee!

(how were you outed??)
Suse said…
Happy two year bloggy-versary my dear.

I love that bracelet. Perfect choice.
Anonymous said…
Well, Happy Blogiversary from here as well. It amazes me how one can write every day for two years...always something interesting, inspiring, lifting, charming...
I also meant to tell you that when Oldest wants to try somethign "different" my husband in a contractor, but I warn him, working here is MUCH harder than in Tuvalu...believe me when I say so. You'll be bale to tell yourself. Anyway it coudl be a nice way of spending time abroad.
Anonymous said…
why don't I read and check for errors before I hit "send"???
Sorry for all the typing mistakes...it's the rush.
Anonymous said…
Happy blogiversary!!!

The truth is that existence wants your life to become a festival.

Lovely. Just lovely. (and btw, I love the "national sarcasm society" thing on your sidebar.)
lazy cow said…
Happy 2 years. It feels like I've been reading you a lot longer (and that's a GOOD thing). I'm so pleased that your Oldest is happy. For some reason I think about him at odd times (I think he reminds me a little of my sister).
Love the bracelet.
Paula said…
I'm sure it was said before but I will say it again.

Happy Anniversary!

You are a kind and thoughtful friend. I'm sure she will love the bracelet.
Susie Sunshine said…
My life is so much richer because your words are a part of it.

Thank you.
Anonymous said…
ditto what Susie Sunshine said.

thank you. thank you. thank you.
L. said…
Imagine how much richer my life is...shes my seesta. And I love her,
and she brings out the best in me when we laugh and make fun of the world.

Happy Anniversary, Holy Grape Juice....BONG (no thats not a drug reference its onomatopoeia)