music and thrifting

Because that's what's going on around here.

As I mentioned, The Russian has begun his studies with the boys. (Oh, also, Middle has requested and is having several lessons with the Guitar Teacher/Surfer Dude.)
And because the piano is having a time out at my brother's house, The Russian is forced to travel with his portable keyboard, which, it turns out, is not so portable as it weighs roughly A METRIC TONNE. (I spelled it for Suse.)
Anywho, last week he left me with the sheets of music titles acceptable for next springs solo competitions and asked that I listen to the ones he noted and have the boys choose what they will prepare.
And I really really wish that I knew how to run music here so that you could have a listen with me.
The one that he suggests for Middle, is clearly circus music.
The one that has been noted for Youngest will require Youngest's tongue to join a circus and learn acrobatics.
Most years I am awed by the suggested music, this year I am just flabbergasted.
(And when was the last time anyone said flabbergasted out loud, I wonder.)
As the pieces have not officially been chosen, my children have an excuse to not practice, but those days will soon be over.
(Did you hear that stomping noise? that was me throwing my weight around.)

I have decided on the christmas project - that is, I've decided what we are making for each person that we give gifts to, and it involves some trips to the thrift (op, for my Suse again) shop.
And it IS my nature to be mysterious, so that's all I will say about that.
EXCEPT, I can show you what I bought, because I know you will want to see...

oar clubs crop

Three old golf clubs with real leather grips and real wood heads.


and a very beautiful long oar, which was FIVE BUCKS.
The clubs were five dollars each as well.

cups use

Two cup-like things. $2 each. They match some of our dishes.

But this is the best -


Two unopened boxes of Crane stationery.
As in: sealed.
T-W-O D-O-L-L-A-R-S E-A-C-H.

Also, while I was out, I purchased the Halloween decorations.

halloween decorations

This week I have breakfast with my girlfriends, K's birthday, the new pulmonary specialist, and a very possible small financial windfall. (Joke, the candle may be mine this week.) If it truly comes to pass, I am going to go shopping.
And not at the thrift store.


Badger said…
I am pretty sure I said flabbergasted Thursday last. Although I tend to favor bumfuzzled.

My thrift stores never have any good crappe.
Anonymous said…
There: Beautiful golf clubs, cute little vintage cups, and boxes of Crane stationery--new.

Here: Cabbage Patch Kid (circa 1986), broken VCR, and Holly Hobby stationery--used.

Who's jealous now? Hmmm?
Anonymous said…
I love that you called it an oar, as opposed to a paddle. people get that wrong all the time, and it is very irksome.

thanks for that


and it is a beauty too!
celestial opus said…
Are those double rolls? That's a lot of decor!

Dag Nabit was a favorite heard last night. I was watching a frontier family type movie (I was bored, don't judge), and it wasn't until the characters uttered this that I realized I'd been watching some Christian channel the whole time. I was already 45 minutes in though so I suffered to the end. Poor Christine Heigel of Grey's Anatomy fame. Her significant others on television seem to die a lot.
Paula said…
Ooh, I'm gearing up for my own thrift shop tour.

I will be looking for old ladies watches.

Not watches that belong to old ladies, rather old watches that have belonged to ladies.

Happy decorating!
savvycityfarmer said…
Thriftin''s my life!!!
Glenna said…
Take the Crane stationery, ball it, one piece at a time, into very high-quality roundish wads of paper, place on overturned cups. Take the golf clubs and try to hit the "balls" directly into the fireplace. The whole family can play. I'm not sure what the oar is for, but I hope I didn't spoil the holiday gift surprise....
Suse said…
You are so very loving and considerate.

Thank you.
katie said…
isn't thrifting just the best fun! enjoying the blog, but mostly thanks for bringing a tear to my eye with teh link to 'free hugs' on you tube! I WISH I knew how to stick you tube clips onto my blog - but hey - the link worked!
impressed that you have such great plans for christmas - I am still floundering there!
Take care -
Priscilla said…
Halloween decor! I get it! Haaahaaa. Seriously, I'm so slow. I can't wait to see what you do with it.