K's birthday present

Today is K's birthday, and Middle came up with a sterling idea for a gift.
And it was just enough money to spend and have it be from the four of us - Middle, Oldest, Youngest and me.
But it required "intstallation," which was fine.
And the "installer" required an electrician first...
and the "installer" didn't return my phone calls regarding the electrician, and the electrician didn't return my calls regarding what was required by the "installer."
Meanwhile, the "gift" was delivered and weighed SO MUCH that I pulled out my lower back lifting it. (Yes honey, it is that neon anvil you've been begging for!)
And there was a period of time in which I was never sure if the "installer" or the electrician will show up.
Because neither of them would CALL ME BACK.

In the end it was all worth it as Sears made it all happen and the gift was installed the other night. It was pretty wonderful watching K smile as Middle explained that he had discovered what his previously undisclosed X-Man power was and discreetly hit the button in his pocket thereby initiating the start of the Craftsman 53910 1/2 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener.

So now my baby can have that garage opened and waiting as he zooms up the street.
On his adorable scooter.

Happy birthday honey.

scoot 3

I lurve you.

Oh, and, I'll buy you the anvil for christmas, okay?


Badger said…
Aw! Happy birthday, K!

I personally cannot imagine life without an automatic garage door opener.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday K!

I personally cannot imagine life with a garage.

Oh, wait I can....and it's AWESOME, especially in a blizzard.

Enjoy your opener!
Anonymous said…
Sorry BB if I was not in touch but I can't access my mail, yes, how crazy that sounds I cannot get to my webmail so, that is why you haven't heard from me.
I am where I told you I was going. I am trying to reach my server people in fairyland out there, so I am hoping to be in touch with you soon. Bt the way I have no car here, so I am pretty stuck, everybody is working so...
But I am here!!! Isn't this weather GREAT? Maybe a little chilly for me, for the sudden temp change but the air is amzingly beautiful.
Eliane said…
Hilarious birthday present! And congratulations!
celestial opus said…
Happy Birthday K! Enjoy that garage opener, and don't lose the button on the ride home tonight. That would suck.
Jess said…
Aw, BB, you guys think of the best presents...

Happy birthday, K!
tut-tut said…
What suspense! Many happy returns to K.

I went over to NaBloPoMo and "signed up." So look my way in Nov to see if more is revealed!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, K.

Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday wishes to the man o' the house.
Anonymous said…
I just typed my comment in the word verification box. Time for this one to go home! Yes, he does look completely adorable driving away on his little scooter. That was a brilliant birthday present. You're a master.
Paula said…
Happy Birthday to your K and many Happy Miles on the scooter to you both!
Anonymous said…
today is my sweet husband's birthday too!! god bless those lovely libras! happy birthday to K!
Anonymous said…
Excuse me, but I'm a Scorpio! (or haven't you all been paying attention?)

Lurve the auto-door.

Haapy Trails and automatic corral openers!
I like your horse cowboy!
Suse said…
Am hoping you post me a neon anvil for christmas.

(Happy b'day K!)
Lauri said…
Happy Birthday!