I lied. I'm posting.

Hated things:



Not having floss when you need it

Capable people parked in handicapped parking spots

Plastic cutlery on paper plates

The scent of laundry that should have been put in the dryer sooner

Kitty litter



Unknown said…
Whenever I see these lists I think that I must be weird because the things that annoy some people just don't bother me. But THIS list... it is MY list. Although I could add a couple of entried:

vinyl siding
overgrown shrubs that hide houses
houses with NO address numbers visable
piles of lint on floor of laundry room
making a left turn from the right lane
random dog poop on my lawn or sidewalk
phone calls after 10 pm
teens smoking
underwire in bras
Dr Phil
Toothbrush holders too small to hold newfangled toothbrushes
Amy A. said…
... sour milk smells, laundry on the floor RIGHT NEXT to the hamper, people who park crooked, being late...
Anonymous said…
especially if that laundry has been enclosed in a suitcase for any amount of time
Anonymous said…
Detest them!
Suse said…
Phone calls after 9pm
Laundry on TOP of the hamper lid
Jennifer said…
Yep yep and more yep... totally agree!
celestial opus said…
I'm so with you there! I detest litter. The worst road rage I get is when people throw out cigarettes from their cars. It may be small, but it's litter too! Can't.Stand.It.

The handicapped parking space thing gets me too. I get in full on arguements with my mom for parking there when she's having good days. Granted she has a sticker, but it's so embarrasing getting out of the car when she looks perfectly fine that day. Yeah, I'm a bitch.