I call random

I have fallen in love with what have been called the 'mini yohji yamamoto' clothing on this site.
Such wonderful simple things -


I believe they could be made for adults...

basic long ml

although the designer is doing a line of sizes that would fit me (large child) sometime in the future.

And, speaking of things one could make -


I could SO make this...


with the help of a kind knitter friend.
I love wraps and wear them all the time.
Someone MAKE me knit this.

Isn't this
chair 1

a nice chair? Loretta has written about chairs for her living room and I think I need a couple of chairs too -
You think the wicker Ikea chairs from 13 years ago are okay?
Did you see where the dog has chewed them?
How about the places where the paint has rubbed off -
very Shabby Chic you say?
I'm tired of Shabby Chic.
It's dated.

Did I tell you I fixed the dishwasher?


And it wasn't especially easy -

broken door

The little door that holds the soap was broken. And it was $50 to replace so I thought I would try my hand at installing the new one.

dishwasher door part

- Tight screws (shut UP) and wires...

inner workings

but I did it.
And I was very proud of myself.
Meanwhile, I think Christa installed her own dishwasher once. I don't know if I could do all that.

Fancy knives don't go in the dishwasher -


they get hand washed and dried and returned (with protectors) to the drawer.

And speaking of fancy knives, (JOKING, this has nothing to do with fancy knives), one of these

Picture 10

was parked outside of K's office for a few days last week.
Joke tells me that it's worth over ten million.
I don't know about that, but it certainly is cute.

It's taking a lot of effort on my part, but I am avoiding the leggings.
I'm thinking that I am too old for the leggings - though the footlessness of them appeals to me. Greatly.

Picture 8

Nice haircut too.
K does not like my escapee bangs, by the way. Note to me.
Nor does he like highlights which, fortunately, I no longer have. My hair is now '6N Dark Blond' and, let me tell you, the blond is so dark you can barely find it.

I've been looking at a lot of runway photos and I must say that I adore the Jil Sander stuff. Small shoulders. Little collars. Love it all. I'd show it to you but I'm getting lazy.

And I'm starting to look a little peaked.
Must buy foundation.

Picture 7

Want to go to Bobbi Brown, especially as this

Picture 6

is the most wonderful scent in the world and I am spritzing the AIR FROM THE BOTTLE on my neck as mine has run out.

Picture 1

I'm working very hard on the mary jane look - but there is a danger of looking too lamb for mutton here too. Or is it mutton for lamb?
All eyes and teeth - I've learned that one well. Between pixie hair, mary janes and leggings I could slide right into first grade, save for fact that I loathed mary janes in first grade and begged for black patent leather 'slip on shoes' which meant NO BABYISH ANKLE STRAP. Alas, my foot was way too small for several years.

Finally, Middle has just finished reading Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas and has been adopting bits of it into his everyday language.
He walked up to me at the orchard on Monday and said:
What outfit are YOU with?

I find this endearing and have begun asking it of other people.
What outfit are you with?


Anonymous said…
Chairs: liked the style you show, but deemed not "slouchy enough" by family.

Same thing wrong with my dishwasher: can I make an appointment?

BEACH? Didn't know; must get some.

Bec said…
I am so very happy looking at your tap (faucet?) bases. Because we have the same kitchen benchtops, it seems. But I am unhappy with my taps. And now I know why.

Also, Hunter S? I have only one thing to say... "How much for the ape?"
KPB said…
I think you might like components of this guy's work:

I've interviewed him about his clothes, his attitude (love) toward the female form, his love of textiles, form and shape. A wonderful creative man.

You must never ever ever consider the legging. Just visit Go Fug Yourself to find out why.
KPB said…
Oh, and where does that glorious illustration and cute shoes come from? I need more ogling.
KPB said…
And I tried to fix our phone the other day. I pulled it apart, (again screws that were too tight - take THAT Google) discovered a nest of cockroaches and some techie looking things. I dealt with the roaches, reassembled and it still doesn't work. The house is blissfully silent.
Anonymous said…
You could totally install a dishwasher. It is surprisingly easy. I helped my husband do it- there's only a couple things to hook up, but you have to lay down and work in that little tight space underneath the door. :)
Jennifer said…
You have a dog?

I love the wraps too :)

Pat on the back for you with the dishwasher, you're a handy gal to have around!

The leggins... they are back, but I heard that there were rules. Personally I think they should be left for the teeny boppers... but that's just me. The Mary Janes... again in my own opinion should be worn carefully by adults with a certain type of look/outfit.

And I'm with the mommysgetnosleep outfit.
Anonymous said…
BB, that Ferrari is a GEM!
Did you go see it in person? It's a real treasure...I wonder why it was displayed...
Lovely apples, sweet boy, nice clothes although I cannot see myself too much in them.
Amy A. said…
Wanted to recommend the indie film 'Brick' to you. Very cool, noir-ish language done modern in a high school setting. With Middle incorporating language from literature, this might be something you guys would like, too.
savvycityfarmer said…
"It takes a pretty decent man to take the place of no man at all!!!!"

Can you fix everything????

Paula said…
Why, thank you very much! I just wish I could reach through the computer and teach you how to do the yoga wrap. Teach a man a fish and all that... But I do think if one is able to repair the dishwasher one is able to do sleeves. I'm just sayin'.
Angela said…
Tell Middle that I'M with the outfit that includes the Mary Janes with socks. I don't care what it represents. That's my outfit!
Anonymous said…
Nice job on that dishwasher!

And, I shamefully confess, I do put my fancy knives in the dishwasher. I know, I know.
tut-tut said…
Goodness; how did you find that French site? The resident French student was quite taken with all that. I agree; these items could be supersized for adults.
Anonymous said…
You could sit in that chair and make those wraps, I love the chocolate brown one. I am very impressed with the dishwasher repair.
Anonymous said…
If one is slim enough, and confident (read BB), then one should wear the leggings if one wishes. They are beguiling! They beg to be worn by one with your sense of shoe-style. It's an urban look for powerful women with a handle on everything just as much as it's a younggirl look.
Sharon said…
That little girl in that french Vestiaire De Jeanne website... that is totally how I picture you dressing, were you eight years old now.
Anonymous said…
Wow. *I* should be wearing those clothes, not an eight year old girl, no matter how good a model she is. Because if I'm not mistaken, 'lin' means LINEN, and linen just tain't right on a child.

I love it. What outfit are you with?

Anonymous said…
Isn't Beach supposed to smell like suntan lotion, ca. 1973?

Suse said…
I was going to say something vaguely intelligent but Kim's comment re the nest of roaches in her TELEPHONE has me curled up in the corner, whimpering.

(Knit that wrap. Looks a cinch to me).
Suse said…
Oh and here it's known as 'mutton dressed as lamb'.
christa said…
hey, your memory is impeccable... i did install my own dishwasher:

and i lived to tell about it.