have a seat

First of all,

is a lie.
Okay, maybe that's a bit strong, but year after year, when this sale is announced, K and I make an excursion to see if the things we need might be on sale.
And they NEVER ARE.

This year, what's on sale is: upholstered furniture. But only if you change (ie. upgrade) the fabric with which it is upholstered. And in very nearly every case, that fabric costs significantly more. Except leather upholstery. Because that's not on sale at all. Or 'stock plus' and I have no idea what that is anyway.

But sale or no, we do desperately need a couple of chairs for the living room as we are sitting in a pair of these

ikea chair

in a deep green, with pillows and dog chews around the legs. They are 12 years old and have served us well, but we really need something more grown up and durable.

So, off we went, to sit our butts in everything there was.
And it is a lot.

chairs 1

The living room is not large and it is used. What I mean is: the television is there and while we don't watch it for hours every day and we are usually not all there together, that is where we watch it as a family.
We sit in front of a fire in that room.
We entertain in that room - and it is the room in which one enters the house.

chairs 2

It's a traditional room, with a bent toward that Anthropologie look of drift wood and candles and heavy dark drapes. The walls are a soft brown and the carpet is a busy Persian.

chairs 4

The chairs must be comfortable and sturdy.
I had admired the green one in the top left corner - Middle proclaimed it 'hotel furniture.'
I had K sit in the striped one in the middle: It has all the colors of our room in it! that could be good! I supportively mentioned.
What color DOESN'T it have in it? was his less than positive reply.
They cannot be large and overstuffed, the sofa is large and overstuffed, with a rolled arm.
After a lot of sitting we found ones we like.
They are the most expensive ones in the store.
I know.

So we wait.

Maybe next week.


Paula said…
Susie Sunshine said…
The way Gigi's front legs are splayed out reminds me of Bambi's first time on the ice.
I like it.
Anonymous said…
In your situation?
I would think Club Chairs would fit the bill. They are compact, very very comfy and one ottoman could suffice for both, and be used as an extra seat, to boot. All in leather, of course.

If you say "Recliners" I will faint.
Anonymous said…
Club chair or Eiffel I believe, if you ask me.
Amy A. said…
My vote is the Axis with arms or the striped Ashton. Love 'em.
Anonymous said…
Here's another shout out for the club chairs...CLUB CHAIRS! Holla! They would be so comfy in front of that fireplace of yours, too.

In leather, of course.
Anonymous said…
we are in need of new chairs too in our house.

I have been staring at this post for so long my eyes hurt.
Bec said…
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Bec said…
Sorry, can't live with comment typos (when I see them!)

Club leather seems right, as long as the leather is sinkinto not slideoffof.

Plus, they must be at least close to the most expensive: Bonus!
Anonymous said…
Hmm - are you going to tell us?

So K and I have the same opinion about the striped chair and you and S. have the same opinion. And Middle agrees with me about the green chair, but S and J loved it.

That's it! We're living with the wrong families!
Suse said…
Hmmm, I love Camden and Briarwood, and I adore the Ashton although maybe not for your lounge if the rug is busy.

I wait with bated breath to see what you chose.
--erica said…
go leather! :)