the greatest thing ever invented

tide to GO



Anonymous said…
you, Mr. Tide to Go are NO Magic Eraser.

I'm not likin' the Tide to Go. It's only worked for me once out of, like, ten times. And last time I used it I thought it smelled bad.

That being said...the one time it did work was an emergency, so i guess it's not all bad.
celestial opus said…
Perhaps I should try. However I do belive the Magic Eraser sucks. Want mine?
Anonymous said…
Chef + big boobs = stains on the shelf (you know the shelf - right?)
I never leave home without one of those, i keep a bottle of zout in my closet to send things down the laundry shoot in pre treat mode.
i AM the stain queen.
Anonymous said…
Youngest and I are pigpens. We ALWAYS wear what we eat. I will try this.
What really works to get
Fels Naptha bar. I have quit buying any stain treatments other than a good ol' bar of Fels Naptha. Right after I put in a load, I pretreat the next load and let it sit the 45 minutes that the previous load takes to process.
But one can't do that on the run, while out.
So, even though the jury seems to still be out on this one, I'll try it.
BabelBabe said…
Better than sliced bread?

I have to say, the Magic Eraser is amazing, but don't you wonder if someone had to sell their soul to Satan for that? What's IN it? you know?
Susie Sunshine said…
I've never tried this and it's something I should carry in my hand at all times. (They need to make it unscented, though.)

And are you anti-Magic Eraser people using the solid white one and getting it wet first? The one with the blue scrubby side is a piece of shit, but the all white one is great! (But DON'T USE IT TO TAKE OFF YOUR SELF-TANNER or Badger will lose her house and children. Thanks in advance.)
Badger said…
Yeah, I am not allowed to talk about that magic thingie you all are talking about anymore.

I love the Tide To Go pen, though.

(I was going to make a joke about how the Tide pen works great on mascara smudges around the eyes, but my attorney has advised me not to.)
Anonymous said…
1. Magic Eraser doesn't work for me either.

2. Tide To Go: white t-shirt, coffee stain = white t-shirt permanent yellow stain.

3. Gave it to my old boss last night when he spilled red wine all over his shirt. Kinda wanted to see it eat through the bad.