fifty pounds of apples

We are feeling so fall-ish around here.
Very autumn-y.
The air is crisp and clear.
I put all the shorts away and the boys extracted the air conditioners and sometimes we have to wear a cardigan.
Yesterday we went apple picking.

Two hours up and two hours back to be in the mountains with changing leaves and chilly air.
Because we went on a weekday the farm was mostly empty -
in past years we have been over-run with Chinese dignitaries, or had to climb upon junked trucks to retrieve our apples - but this year the whole apple picking experience was just glorious.

Yeah, sure, the friends we were supposed to go with never found a date that was mutually available and we missed them, but this made the day kind of intimate and the lack of weekend crowds left us feeling more relaxed.
orchard 2

We spent a while chatting up the farmer and learned:
that his apple cider is treated with UV rays rather than pasturized,
that there are 125, 000 bushels of apples being harvested on his farm,
that those bushels will be put in oxygen free warehouse space which will effectively 'put them to sleep' therefore keeping them fresh for the entire winter...

apples 4
I love speaking with anyone who is passionate about their job and this fellow definitely was.
We bought the apples we picked, pumpkins, cider and donuts.
Lots of apples.

apples 3

Many many many apples.

apples and wine

I need to start baking.

Don't forget to make candy corn teeth...

candy corn teeth


Anonymous said…
Did you get a new camera? I am not wearing my 3-D glasses today yet your photos are jumping off the screen at me!

GLORIOUS shots. I can practically hear the crunch of the apples.
Anonymous said…
Yes, I agree, the photos are almost psychedelic. Are you on drugs? Oh, no wait, maybe it's me!
Paula said…
Ahh, I love to make apple sauce when we go apple picking.

It looks like a lovely day!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos! Those apples are very Cezanne...I can almost see his still-life paintings when I look at your apples.

Oh, if only it weren't still in the 90s here...sniff, sniff.
Badger said…
Yeah, 90s here too, still. But I did PURCHASE apples today. Two different kinds. One for eating and one for pie. Now I just have to get off my butt and make it.
Anonymous said…
What a woderful day out. Get cooking.